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October 24, 2016Worth the Hype?, Standard

If you follow any type of beauty influencer on any type of social media, chances are you’ve heard about Shape Tape. It is constantly sold out (like right now, unless you have a deeper skin tone) and it has been in so many different img_4940favorites videos I’ve lost count. People call it their new “holy grail” concealer and apparently have forgotten all about products like NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. But is it actually worth it? I mean, Tarte does take a bunch of influencers on these extravagant trips (not judging, totally envious)…

I follow Trendmood on Instagram and she often posts when hard to find products are available and when they’ll come in stock. I saw her post that Shape Tape was available on Ulta’s website along with the newly released shades, so I jumped at the chance. Luckily I had enough time where I could go to my local Ulta and swatch a few shades before I bought the one I needed online. I would have just purchased in-store (much easier to find your shade if you have a local store!) but the shade I wanted was only available online at the time. Fair was like legit porcelain and I thought it would be too bright under the eyes but Light seemed to be too pink for my liking. I decided I would go with  Fair Neutral which is actually a perfect shade for my skin tone- light enough for the brightening effect but a neutral undertone to match my skin. Generally speaking, there actually is a pretty wide selection of shades from very fair to deep which is great.


But how is the formula? Tarte claims that this product is a “2-in-1 full coverage concealer” which has a “hydrating, long-wearing formula” with “natural, radiant coverage.” Not only that, but it’s supposed to cover and brighten at the img_4941same time while providing skin benefits and they claim it also can be used to contour with. I must say after reading this never-ending list of claims I was pretty doubtful that this could possibly live up to the hype. But actually, this might be my favorite concealer that I’ve tried and I already want to pick it up in at least 2 more shades- 1 for contour and 1 for covering blemishes. When I first opened this up, the applicator threw me off so much. I knew it was a tapered sponge applicator but it’s so much bigger than I expected! I can see why they say this could be a good cream contour product because the applicator seems to be perfect to carve out those cheekbones. I think the challenge to that would be finding the right shade to use because none of the deeper shades have a neutral or ashy undertone- they’re mainly peach. To me, the biggest stand out point for this product is the finish. It is unreal. First of all, this has an awesome brightening effect under the eye even using very little product. Then, the coverage is so full coverage without feeling heavy or looking cakey. As if that wasn’t enough, this blurs and smooths the skin to give a flawless finish while still looking natural. I honestly can’t believe this one actually lives up to the hype!

Obviously I’m a fan. And I definitely highly recommend. I would love to grab a shade to match my skin tone to help flawlessly cover any blemishes and I wouldn’t mind grabbing a deeper shade and trying out some cream contour techniques. If you find this in stock and in your shade, grab it! You will not be disappointed! Have an idea for the next hyped up product I should try? Let me know in the comments below!


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