Worth the Hype?! Benefit POREfessional Face Primer

So I’m thinking this post will be a little bit shorter than most, but I feel like I think that a lot and then the post is just as long, so we’ll see! I realized all of my hype posts so far have been focused on drugstore brands but we all know our favorite beauty influencers hype up prestige brands just as much as products from the drugstore. One of the products I own I originally purchased because it was being hyped up by Nicole Guerriero. She has oily/combination skin and she loved this product and used it in alllll of her videos (at least at the time she did). I was in the market for a primer so I went out and got it because I figured if it worked for her, it should work for me! Right??? We shall see.


The Benefit POREfessional Face Primer was the very first pore-filling type primer that I’ve ever tried. I originally purchased the full size product for $31 which comes with .75 oz of product. It is a prestige brand and this pricing is similar to other primers like Smashbox or Make Up For Ever. I completely used up that tube and recently got a travel IMG_4374size tube for $10 (needed to get to $50 for that free shipping)! At first I thought the pricing was a little steep for the travel size but since you get .25oz I guess it’s on par with the full size value. In case you’re not familiar with these types of pore-filling primers, they’re supposed to sink into your pores and smooth them while helping to help you matte and poreless throughout the day. The tube for this product is pretty standard but the colors and packaging is super cute. All of Benefit’s products have adorable packaging and branding! So what exactly does this product claim to do? According to the Ulta website, this product will “quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines.” Benefit also claims that you can wear this alone or underneath foundation and the formula will “compliment all skintones and help makeup stay put.”


Now I do agree with some of these claims but others I’m not so sure. The primer itself is tinted a beige/tan color which I actually don’t mind because it suits my skintone well. I never notice an actual color on my skin after this is applied, so I do believe it is translucent but I would be curious to see if someone with very porcelain skin would say the same. The claim I don’t really know if I agree with is the suitable for all skin tones. If you have dry skin, I would not use this product except for your problem areas. I can get away with using this all over the face and really concentrate on the problem areas I have but I think this product could be too matte for those you with dry patches. BUT, if you only use this in the targeted area where you’re trying to minimize pores, I think you’ll be ok. As for the super oily, I would combine this with a setting spray to have maximum oil control. If you’re really oily or if it’s a really humid day, you will get oily by the end of the work day. I usually wore this product for like 9 hours before it started to get oily, so for you combination skin types out there this is a great option. This primer definitely fills in my pores and helps prime my skin for foundation. I don’t think it lessens any fine lines but I also don’t have a ton of those to say for sure. But the stubborn line on my forehead is not lessened by this primer.

Overall, I do think this is a great pore-minimizing primer for slightly dry to combination skin types. I would caution dry skin types to only use this product where needed and oily skin types may have pair this with another product to get the matte effect for an extended period of time. It really does fill in the pores around my cheeks and nose and helps my foundation sit on top of the primer rather than sink into my pores. There are other pore-minimizers that are much more intense in terms of keeping you matte, but this is a great everyday primer. I don’t consider it a holy grail for me, but I would say it’s worth the hype! Do you agree? Or is there another primer you prefer more? Let me know below!

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