Worth the Hype? Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlight in Precious Petals

Wet n Wild released a new highlight line again and people were going nuts for it. I tried to find it in my local drugstores but they were always out of stock! Then the hype calmed down a little bit so I wasn’t sure if it was worth the trouble. But then they released new shades recently and people went nuts all over again. And then Wet n Wild expanded their product line at Ulta so I could finally get my hands on it! So, is it worth all this hype?


When the MegaGlo Highlights first released, there were only 2 shades. When these were available online, I decided to grab one of the original two shades: Precious Petals. It seemed like the lighter version which I thought would compliment my skin tone better than Crown of my Canopy. I would say Precious Petals is a pinky champagne color and to be honest, I do probably have shades very similar to this one in my collection. I should compare them sometime! Anyways, the plastic packaging is pretty standard and slim. But the design on the powder itself is so freaking pretty and reminds me of more high end products. Oh yeah, and the cost of these babies at Ulta is just $5! Hence why the high end look of the powder is impressive to me.


It is a very smooth and “buttery” formula like all the gurus love to say. The pigmentation is there and the powder applies to the face so smoothly. There aren’t chunks of glitter or sparkle at all which I find is way to common in drugstore highlights. It almost has a metallic sheen finish when it’s applied to the face. But it is very easy to blend so it doesn’t look like a stripe on your face. And you can control the glow by getting a natural highlight or building the color to get a more intense highlight. This highlight also lasts really long on my skin. I can apply it in the morning while getting ready for work and it lasts until I take my makeup off after dinner! This product is definitely worth the hype and worth every penny of that $5.


In case you couldn’t tell, I am definitely a fan of this product! For the price, it is seriously an amazing quality product. I am already eyeing up picking up another shade because I am just so impressed with this formula. I think my next grab will be Golden Flower Crown to have the golden glow option in this amazing formula. Wet n Wild has really been knocking it out of the park with their product quality lately!

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