Worth the Hype? RCMA No Color Powder

For some reason I can’t remember how much (if at all) I’ve talked about this product! I know I mentioned that I purchased it, and after several months I’m finally getting around to a review! This product was raved about for so long on YouTube a few months ago, so of course I had to grab it and see if all the hype was worth it! Funny enough, I feel like no one talks about this anymore. So, was it worth all of the hype?


First of all, I think this brand is only online. At least it’s not anywhere in store near me. I purchased mine online at Beautylish. They carry multiple RCMA products, but I was just interested in this No Color Powder. They have several sizes at other online retailers, but Beautylish just has the 3 oz size which you can get as a single, duo, or trio. I just got the 3oz size and it ran me $12. That’s right. Twelve freaking dollars. For reference, most powders come in 1 oz containers. So this stuff is crazy affordable (especially compared to the $24 I was paying for .25 oz of product)! The price point of this was what made everyone rave. I mean you just can’t beat $4 per ounce!


Soooo many influencers were putting this above Laura Mercier powders or any other loose powder on the market. I’ve never tried Laura Mercier’s powder, but for the price I had to see what all the fuss was about! And I have to say, this is so worth it. The powder is so finely milled and applies so smoothly to the skin. It never clings to dry patches and doesn’t look cakey. I’ve even used to it to bake and haven’t had any issues. I also haven’t experienced any flashback (but I tend to go light handed if I know I’ll be around flash photos!) For me, the biggest bummer of this product is the packaging. It’s like a parmesan cheese container. I usually shake my bottle and then dip my brush in the cap. I’ve seen influencers transfer the product into an empty container with a sifter.


Not even “for the price point”- this product is a great one all around! I like it better than the high end powder I was using before I tried this one. I always choked on that one and it gave me flashback. This one is a fraction of the cost and performs much better on my skin! If you’ve been looking for a good loose powder- look no further!


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