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January 16, 2018Worth the Hype?, , Standard

So for starters I feel bad mentioning this product because it’s limited edition. By the time I decided to bite the bullet and buy it, it was already sold out on the MAC website. But I was super sneaky and saw it available on the Nordstrom website! So I snatched it up and was able to get free shipping as well. Now beauty influencers normally hype up their own, so I was so curious to see if this was going to be worth the hype! This actually just came back in stock earlier today so I wanted to get this post up in a hurry in case you were interested.


Part of the reason it took so long for me to grab this was the price. It retails for $34 on the MAC website and comes with your standard 1oz of product. But compared to my RCMA powder, this is so much more expensive! There was just so much talk about this powder though that I had to give it a shot. It is a translucent powder but in the container it definitely has a peachy pink undertone to it. Normally I see tinted powders that are yellow so the fact that this is the opposite is very interesting! This formula claims to be good for light dustings but also for baking. I haven’t used this to bake yet but have been using to set concealer every since I got it. So is the formula actually worth the hype?


Well for starters, the texture of this powder is insane. It is so fine and it basically dissipates as soon as you try to swatch it. It is seriously silky smooth to the touch. When you hear people talk about product melting into the skin, this is literally the definition. Even when I put a generous amount on my brush, it settles right into the skin when I apply it. But it doesn’t look powdery at all! I seriously have no idea how they did this formula but it’s amazing. Even though it claims to be translucent, I think the peach hue really helps brighten so I love this for the under eye area especially. The powder definitely mattifies but the smoothing effect this had on my skin was unreal. I seriously couldn’t believe the difference it made!


In short, absolutely this powder is worth the hype! If MAC doesn’t figure out a way to get this permanent, they’re out of their mind. They would get so many repeat customers who want to repurchase this because this formula is so good! And when you have a product that has listings on eBay for almost double the price, I think you should take notice. So please MAC, listen to your customers and bring this back!


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