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November 7, 2017Worth the Hype?, Standard


This may be hard to believe, but I have never tried a MAC lipstick. That is until a few weeks ago when I finally gave in during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty! The lipsticks were half off but there were only 2 shades eligible for the discount. But they were shades I wanted to grab anyways so I bought both! So, do these live up to the hype?


MAC has a ton of different formulations, but both of the ones on sale were the Matte formula. And they were on opposite ends of the shade spectrum which is a plus for testing the formulation! The first shade is Velvet Teddy which is a deep toned beige. I also got Russian Red which is an intense bluish-red. These are both cult classic shades that I was wanting to try. So the fact that they were on sale was a huge plus! There’s tons of other shades in various formulas too if you’re not a fan of matte lipstick. But all of their lipsticks have a faint vanilla scent that I don’t mind as much. And it dissipates pretty quickly so you hardly notice it after about an hour.


The formula of this was much creamier than I expected! I have multiple different formulas of matte lipsticks and they can tug because of the matte formula. But these MAC lipsticks are not like that at all! Velvet Teddy is my new go-to for everyday. It has been a struggle to not wear it because it’s a great nude for me. These lipsticks glide onto the lips with ease and are completely opaque. So one swipe will do. They are a little drying after 4-5 hours but I’ve learned using a clear lip liner helps with that. These also last longer on my lips than any other traditional lipstick I’ve tried! I wore Russian Red and had a sandwich and an apple and was very nervous to look in the mirror. But it barely smudged or faded! I did do some slight touch ups because I’m a perfectionist though.


All in all, the quality of these lipsticks surprised me! Yes, I know they have a cult following from other makeup lovers. But you just never know! And then people sometimes realize there are newer, better formulas on the market. But these MAC lipsticks may just be my new favorite traditional lipstick formula! I would definitely recommend them if you’re on the fence or have been curious about the formula. And it’s available at Ulta now too! If you have tried the formula, I’d love to hear your shade for formula suggestions below!

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