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March 2, 2017Worth the Hype?, , Standard

Time for another installment of worth the hype! I don’t know if all YouTubers rave about this, but it has been a product that I’ve heard about constantly. Mainly from Jaclyn Hill. She’s constantly using the Voluminous Carbon Black in most of her tutorials and raves about it. But, she always puts lashes on! So is it really a good mascara?


The first thing is to make sure you pick up the right mascara. I learned the hard way that there are multiple Carbon
Black mascaras from L’Oreal. You want the
Voluminous Carbon Black mascara- it’s in a black tube and a gold
top. I grabbed mine from Ulta for $7.99, but definitely take advantage of drugstore sales if you can. The packaging is
a super cute black and gold tube of mascara. But, the wand itself really doesn’t look that impressive. It’s a natural bristle brush in a pretty standard shape. There’s no curve or design to the wand at all- it’s pretty standard. I actually don’t mind it too much because it’s easy to control and to apply. There’s no “trick” you have to learn in order to get a good application.


But is the formula any good? I’ve always been curious because Jaclyn really just uses it as a base for her falsies. For starters, this mascara is black. Like super black. I love that it’s super pigmented because my lashes are lighter. I never noticed how dark it was in Jaclyn’s videos, but when I applied it I noticed right away! The first time I used this mascara, all I really noticed was the intense black. But as I’ve been using this more and more, I’ve been liking it more and more! It gives great volume to the lashes. It does clump some when you layer it, but with my new spoolie I can fix it easily so I don’t mind.   With all of that being said, I don’t know if I’d ever put it at holy grail status. But it is a solid volumizing mascara at a drugstore price!


So what’s the verdict? I think this is one of the better volumizing mascaras that I’ve tried at the drugstore. Plus, the intense black pigment is a huge plus for me. It does tend to clump slightly when layered, so be careful or use a spoolie. If any kind of clumping is a pet peeve, you may want to stay away. I wouldn’t say it’s a dupe for any high end brands, but it is an affordable option. If you have ideas for my next “worth the hype” post, let me know in the comments!


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