Worth the Hype? L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

September 5, 2017Reviews, , Standard

So once again, we have a product that everyone raved about. The release date hit, and everyone loved it in the beauty community. They raved, we bought (or tried to find it in stock!). And now it seems like the buzz has faded. Is the L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara actually worth the hype? And will it live up to the test of a full work day?


When this mascara first dropped, I swear every single beauty influencer called it their new favorite mascara. Since it was from the drugstore, I just had to try the Lash Paradise mascara for myself! The first thing I noticed when I first used it was the packaging. It comes in a pink tube and the wand is made of natural bristles. Not only that, but it gets slightly skinnier in the middle of the wand. Sound familiar? It’s basically the same packaging and wand as the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara! The wand isn’t exactlyyyy the same, but close enough. It does come in 4 different shades and a waterproof formula. I grabbed the Blackest Black mascara and opted for the non-waterproof version.


Now for my favorite part- the actual formula. L’Oreal claims that this will give volume and length and has “even more pigments.” Whatever that means. It also claims that your lashes will feel feathery to the touch. Besides the whole feather thing, the claims are very similar to the Better than Sex mascara! I’ve had this for a few weeks now, and the formula is starting to clump up a little on the wand and the edge of the tube. But– it hasn’t been clumping or flaking after I apply it to the eyes! And that was a huge problem for me with the Too Faced mascara. The L’Oreal mascara applies smoothly and lasts all day on my eyes. And I have to say- that feathery touch claim is accurate! My lashes feel conditioned and soft- not like they have mascara on them at all!


For me, this product definitely lived up to the hype! I have to say that I love this way more than the Too Faced Better than Sex formula. It didn’t clump or flake throughout the day, but you still get the same black pigment and volume! It is 100% a dupe and just a great formula on its own if you like voluminous lashes. I definitely recommend this!


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