Worth the Hype? Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer


The weather’s getting warmer so of course we’re gonna be talking more about bronzer! I’ve been rocking a subtle contour but more recently I’ve been pretty much dousing my face in bronzer. In a  good way, of course! I grabbed this because everyone raves about this affordable bronzer. But is it worth it?


For starters, I picked up this bad boy at Ulta in the shade Bronzer for $15. Light Bronzer might be a good shade for fair skin tones, but light to medium should get the darker shade. Physicians Formula did tweet that they needed more shades. But that was a while ago. Hopefully they expand the range! Ok back to the bronzer itself. It’s kinda pricey for a drugstore bronzer IMO but at the same time it’s still half the price of Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil. The first thing you notice about this is the smell. I can’t even describe it, but it’s so good! I wouldn’t say tropical like some others, but I guess there’s a hint of coconut. The packaging is a bit bulky for me but it fits in my drawer well and I like the tropical leaf design on the front!


Bottom-most swatch: Butter Bronzer

Now let’s talk about the actual product. I was nervous to try this because it looks shimmery in the pan. But none of it comes off on the face! The color of this is spot on too. It’s not too cool but I don’t think it’s 100% neutral either. I think gives the face a touch of warmth but I still can get away with using this for contour. It blends out so freaking well too! I went a little crazy last week and put too much on my brush. But, I was able to blend it away in less than a minute! It also lasts all day on my skin. And I’m talking like 7am until 7pm- through the work commutes, the office building, walking the dogs, cooking dinner. This stays on my cheeks surprisingly well for being from the drugstore!


To be blunt- yes, this is totally worth the hype! We have another winning product, and it’s from the drugstore! My main gripe about this one is that the shade range is pretty awful. You can build this up for medium skin, but deeper skin tones won’t be able to make this work. They made it seem like they had something in the works on Twitter though, so hopefully they’ll make an announcement soon!


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