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July 13, 2017Worth the Hype?, , Standard


I think we’re overdue for a hyped up product post. For some reason, it feels like forever since I’ve done one of these! Today I’ll be dishing out on Anastasia’s Contour Kit. It was one of the first ones to release on the market and it exploded. Everyoneeeee was raving about this baby so the other day I finally decided to pick it up! Will it turn out to live up to the hype?


When this first came out, there was just one shade option but I’m so glad to see that the Sephora website has 3 different ones! I have the shade Light to medium, but there’s options for tan and deep skin as well. You can also customize your palette by getting refill pans and swapping them out. That’s also super handy if you run out of one shade faster than another. These kits retail for $40, which is definitely a high end price but it breaks down to $6-7 

L to R: Havana, Fawn, Java, Sand, Banana, Vanilla

per pan which I don’t think is bad. You get 3 highlight shades and 3 contour/bronze shades in the kit. 2 of the highlights are matte, and there’s one with like a satin finish. The contour shades has one ashy tone, one neutral, and one really warm. So there’s a lot of flexibility in the palette! 


It’s easy to see why this is so hyped. So many powders and possibilities in one place! These also swatch really nicely- they feel smooth and apply evenly. They’re not overly powdery and the undertones are really nice for my skin tone. But I have to say, when I tried to apply these powders to the face it was a whole different ball game for me. The highlight shades were my favorite. I used a combo of Vanilla and Banana most days to brighten up the undereye area. It went on smooth and even, and had the perfect amount of pigment. The contours on my skin were awful. They would skip and were super patchy on my face. The color was never even and blending it out made it look worse somehow. I could make the shade Fawn work if I really tried, but these were just not worth it.


This product has a 4.5 star rating on Sephora so i may have just gotten a bad batch. But, I ended up taking mine back and not exchanging it because the contour shades in general just didn’t seem like my thing. I did pick up a replacement though so look for the full review on that next month!
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