Turning into a Bag Lady: September 2016

September 22, 2016ipsy Bags, Standard

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I came home to no water after work today, so hoping to keep this post short and sweet to get life in order before the last day of the work week tomorrow! This month’s ipsy bag was all about going full glam: Glamazon. Time to get full glam just because you want to. Here’s what I got this month:


Pixi by Petra Mattelustre Lipstick in Rose Naturelle

I can’t say I was terribly impressed when I tried Pixi before because their eyesahdow pigmentation was not all that great, but I’ve been loving lip products lately and was still excited to try this one! The first thing I noticed about this img_4833product was the finish- I think “mattelustre” is a pretty accurate description because it wasn’t full matte but it also wasn’t drying or very shiny. It’s a very in-between, natural finish. The shade of this lipstick is also beautiful- it’s pretty much a perfect “my lips but better” shade on me! I’ve been searching for something similar to this shade for a long time now so I looooove this color. The one negative I have to say is the texture. After it’s applied, the lipstick feels fine. But applying this lipstick is different- it’s not creamy or smooth going on but the pigmentation is still good. This is an affordable brand so I might consider picking up the full size product!


Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner in Black

I will admit that I’m not a huge liquid eyeliner lover- mostly because it intimidates me and I can never get the img_4831application quire right. I have the same mental block when trying out winged liner. I just want to be sure it’ll look good! But, I do really love this eyeliner overall! It’s super pigmented and super black which is a huge plus. It also lasts all day! I didn’t notice any fading or smudging whatsoever. Another essential thing for a liquid eyeliner is the application. This product was great and just glided onto my eyelids. The tip is nice and narrow at the tip to get super close to the lash line and to get that precise wing. The fatter end makes building up the liner on the outer part of the lash line easier as well. I’m no expert with liquid liner by any means but I actually felt comfortable using this product and liked the way my eyeliner turned out while I was testing it. I would recommend!


Buff Her House of Exfoliation Vanilla Almond Crumbles

This product is so intriguing to me. My skin texture has been flaring up recently so I was pretty excited to see this in img_4832my bag. Exfoliating usually helps lessen my skin texture some although I’ve been preferring chemical exfoliants lately, this product smelled so yummy I knew I had to try it! But the first time I tried this was not the best experience. I should have read the packaging more carefully but this is a powder that you put in your hands and mix with water before applying to the face. Doing this at the bathroom sink gets very complicated! I now only use this while in the shower- much less of a mess! There is a grit to this product but it is extremely fine and made from particles of sugar and rice. It’s definitely not a chunky exfoliant which is good because super scratchy products can sometimes be damaging to the skin. After using this, my skin immediately feels smoother and I can see a difference right away! I highly enjoyed testing  this product out! I’m not sure I would ever go out and buy it but I liked getting this in my bag this month.


Ulta3 Nail Color in Sizzling Red

Le Sigh. More nail polish. If I had one complaint about ipsy, it’s that I get so much freaking nail polish. I don’t evenimg_4835 have it as an option anymore and I still get one almost every month! It’s especially irritating because my coworkers and I discuss what we get in our bags and they neverrrr get nail polish. I honestly haven’t even tried this formula yet because I just got this bag last week and I just haven’t felt like using nail polish recently. If I’m looking at the silver lining, it’s the shade of polish I received. Red is a pretty bold color but for some reason I also feel like it’s a classic color. Put on red shoes to spice up an outfit in an instant or pop on a red lip to pull a look together. I feel like the same thing goes for nail polish so I do actually see myself wearing this more than I would that neon orange shade I got a few months back. I’ll eventually try out this formula, but this was just a product category in general I was not thrilled about getting again.


It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara in Super Black

Last but not least, mascara! I have to admit: the number of travel/deluxe size mascaras that I own is kind of obscene. img_4834Easily 10-15 mini tubes. But that did not make me any less excited about trying this mascara! I have been hearing great things about It Cosmetics recently and the list of products I want to try from them is getting longer and longer. I was hoping to get the 5-in-1 mascara because my coworker raves about it but this one still seemed promising. At first glance, it really doesn’t look like much. The wand shape is pretty standard and there doesn’t seem to be anything special about the natural hair bristles. But, I feel like the bristles are varied enough so it grabs onto each individual lash easily and it gives great volume and length. I would classify this more as a lengthening and separating mascara than a volumizing one but I actually find myself grabbing this mascara in the morning which speaks volumes (no pun intended)! I would definitely recommend this and I may even consider buying the full size!
So that’s the summary of what I got in my ipsy bag this month. Overall, it was actually a great month! The nail polish was a bit of an eye roll at this point but it could still end up being a great formula or a great product. What did you get in your bags this month?! Let me know in the comments!

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