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My ipsy came kinda late this month- so late that I almost forgot it was on its way! I wish I had a little more time test out products this month, but time is flying by. So this month will be more of a “first impression.” The theme is ipsy Tres Jolie and the bag this month is freaking adorable! Now, onto the products:


Marc Anthony Deep Repair Aloe Vera & Jasmine Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment


That isn’t the full name of this product but holy crap this product has a crazy long name! I’m not a huge fan of leave-in hair treatments because most of the ones I’ve tried have weighed my hair down. This one has the texture of a normal conditioner, so I just replaced my normal conditioner with this. I like that it only has to be left in for about 5 minutes, so it’s not like I’m just standing waiting for time to be up. My hair felt super freaking soft after I dried it though! I’ll continue to use this once a week until it’s gone but am not sure I’ll repurchase. My hair did seem a little flat this morning but I’m not positive this product is the cause.


Marula Pure Marula Beauty Oil


I’ve been super into oils during my nighttime routine so I was super excited when I saw this was coming! I’ve heard great things about marula oil in general and was thinking about trying it out. This oil is supposed to hydrate, soothe, and rejuvenate skin while being packed with antioxidants and omega fatty acids. This oil was a little thicker than I’m used to, but it sunk into the skin nicely. It took maybe up to 1 minute for it to fully sink in, but that’s way shorter than I was expecting based on the consistency of the oil. I definitely won’t have a true opinion of this for a few weeks so my skin can fully adjust to the new oil. But so far, so good!


So Susan Blush & Glow


I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this product based on the pan. But let me just do a PSA to swatch on your hand before trying a new product on your face! If I would have done a quick finger swatch, I would have seen how glowy this is. I know it says glow right on the packaging, but I mean this has like duochrome glitters or something. It was a hot mess on my cheeks. The shade is supposed to adjust to your skin tone. The shade was nice and the formula was smooth and pigmented. But the shimmer. Yuck. It was like a giant disco ball was on my cheeks. Way too much glow! I tried it as a highlight too, but it was too pink and too blush-toned to work on my skin.


Beau Gachis Tapered Blending Brush


I already have a few blending brushes, and I recently bought more from Luxie (review here) so I wasn’t all that stoked when I saw this. But I should know better than to pass judgement too early! This brush is pretty amazing- I’ve been loving it a lot. It’s nice and fluffy so it blends out the crease like a freaking dream. But it’s dense enough that it packs good pigment along the crease. It is about the same size as the other fluffy crease brushes I own, but this must have magic in it or something. The way it blends but also places pigment perfectly makes blending my shadow effortless.


Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Lip Paint in Rose


I was freaking HYPE when I saw this was in my bag (that’s a phrase the youths say…right? 😉 ). I was literally just ogling this formula and the shades online when like the next day I saw my sneak peek. The makeup gods were smiling on me for this choice. The shade Rose is a rosy nude shade which is perfect for everyday. This formula is one of the top ones I’ve tried. It has a liquidy texture, dries quickly down to a matte finish, and lasts all freaking day! To put this formula to a more intense test, I would want to pick up a more deeper shade. I didn’t notice any flaking or crusting that some light shades of liquid lipstick can get! A HUGE hit for me!


Overall, this ipsy Tres Jolie was a hit for me! Most of the products I enjoyed using (besides that blush). And there’s even a few I may end up purchasing on me own- the Tarte lip paint for sure, and maybe the Marula Oil! Did you get anything amazing in your bag this month? Let me know below!


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