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Fair warning: this is probably my least liked ipsy bag in 2017. So you wanna see some products that weren’t for me, but might be for you- stay tuned! I was super pumped about this month’s Girl Boss vibe too. I was expecting kick butt products that would be long lasting for the office woman. Sadly that is not what I got.


Luxie Beauty 207 Brush


Now this wasn’t a total fail but it was a “womp womp” moment for me because I already own this brush. And it’s actually a great brush if you don’t own it! I use this brush every day for my nose contour. I just don’t need 2 and have been dying for a tapered eye brush. So this one is a bummer to me. But Luxie brushes in general are great. They make blending out product super easy because of how soft and fluffy they are. And they hold up over time. I wash mine every week and haven’t experienced any shedding and the bristles still feel soft! Technically this wasn’t a failed match, but I already own this exact brush so it’s just ho hum for me.


Feel Renewed Pumpkin Walnut Facial Cleanser


This is an exfoliating cleanser which I wasn’t tooooo bummed about. I’m not really in the market for another cleanser. But I’m always open to trying new products! This one did make me a little nervous because it’s supposed to have bits of almond to “naturally” exfoliate the skin. But sometimes these bits can be too harsh for your skin. Hence the reason why I stray away from the St Ives Apricot Scrub. But the exfoliants in this cleanser are super fine which was a pleasant surprise. The smell of this is nice at first but it lingers like crazy! It’s a sweet smell that is okay but it’s not something I want to keep smelling on my skin for hours. On top of all that, it doesn’t really make my skin feel clean. Maybe you’d like this if you have dry skin and don’t want something super harsh.


Smashbox Photo Finish Radiance Primer


I do like Smashbox’s original primer, but the formulation they sent me is way off the mark. I tend to go for smoothing primers or pore-filling primers. In case you don’t know, have combo skin and hate to look super dewy. So radiance primer? Yikes! This is a rose champagne kind of a shade that definitely makes your face look super glowy. The texture of this is nice but there is no way I would buy a full size of this. I probably will use this all up after all. But I’m pretty sure it makes me more oily so I will use it sparingly.  If you have trouble with dry or dull looking skin, then maybe look into this primer and give it a shot. But it just doesn’t work for my skin type.


Re:p Bio Fresh Mask


Again, another product in this bag that just isn’t for my skin type. This mask is supposed to soothe and calm skin while giving it an extra boost of moisture. The texture of this is pretty nice but it looks super strange. You can definitely see the calming herbs in the product though! But it looks like pistachio icing on my face. It soaks into your skin really nicely after 15 minutes and it’s super easy to rinse off. My skin looked and felt nice after the fact, but it’s not really the treatment that my skin normally needs. I prefer exfoliating or clarifying masks and this product doesn’t do either of that for my skin (and it doesn’t claim to). So again, if you have dry or dull skin- this could be a great product for you.


Beauty for Real I-Line 24-7  Eyeliner


This was probably the product I was most looking forward to trying…until I opened it up. I thought it would be a pencil or gel eyeliner which I am always on the hunt for. But the shade I got was not black. Not brown. But gold. Now I do have a few color pencil liners that I break out once in awhile. But I was excited for a more wearable color and that just didn’t happen to me. I probably most like this liner on the lower lashline and waterline. But I’m not a huge fan of the formula either. It’s decently creamy and doesn’t tug or pull too badly. But the pigmentation is not really there. It just looks like specks of glitter where I would want something that looked more metallic.


This Like a Boss ipsy bag probably would have been awesome for someone with dry skin. Which I definitely do not have so I have no idea how it ended up at my house. I will rate everything on their website though and cross my fingers that next month will be much better! I’ve been itching to try Boxy Charm though so I’m wondering if I should jump ship. What do you guys think?


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