Turning into a Bag Lady: January 2018

This month’s ipsy bag is all about the sporty, athleisure type of makeup. The theme for the photoshoot and all of that is ipsy Game Face. Cute theme but as we know, it never really connects with what’s inside the bag. Most of the time anyways. Either way I was excited to get my bag this month and check out what was inside! Let’s dive in:


NYX Lip Lingerie in Satin Ribbon


I was looking through my NYX lip products and was surprised to see that I don’t own one of their Lip Lingeries! So after realizing that, I was intrigued to try one of these because I think this is supposed to be a liquid lipstick. And then I saw the color. Whoa is this a extremely pale nude! I wore it around my house on its own and it just does not work for me. I will play around with it more to see if a lip liner will help. It’s such a bummer because the formula is pretty nice! It is more liquidy and dried down pretty quickly after I applied it. It does need to be reapplied after eating but stayed comfortable on my lips even after 8 hours of wear!


Furless Loose Pigment in Sneaky


This looks like a super unique product but right off the bat I don’t know how practical it will be. But I am glad that I picked up Fix+ because it gave me the best way to try this loose pigment! The shade Sneaky is a deep purple and it also has shimmer. It’s also a vegan product which is nice. I was worried about it going everywhere but this had a plastic stopper to avoid that. I dipped my brush in the pigment and then made it damp with Fix+ before applying it. The pigment is really vibrant and the glitter is not chunky at all. But I would definitely recommend using a setting spray, eye drops or something with this pigment. Otherwise it’s fallout city! I do think this is nice, but a different shade would have been better for my skin tone and eye color.


Dermelect Microfacial Exfoliating Masque


I was pretty intrigued when I saw this product in my bag! My skin has been on the dry side but I always love a good exfoliating mask year-round. This mask is made with clay like some of my favorite masks but it’s also enriched with Vitamin C and oils to make it ok for those of us with sensitive skin. I feel so silly reviewing skin care because you definitely need to use something for a few months before you really know how it reacts with your skin. But the first impressions of this mask were pretty good! I’m glad I read the directions first though because this is supposed to be applied to damp skin. The micro-exfoliators were really gentle on my skin both when putting this on and while taking it off. I did notice that my skin felt softer after I used this too!


Vasanti Kajal Eyeliner in Black


I used to be obsessed with kajal eyeliners so it was a blast from the past when I saw this was in my bag. These liners are usually great and creamy for the waterline, but I did the full on lower and upper lash line with these types of liners when I was in high school. Not sure what I was thinking because it totally closes off my eye shape! Thankfully YouTube exists now and I realize that these pencils are best used for the waterline. This pencil is super creamy and has a rich black pigment. It did not tug at all on my eyes and just glided along my waterline! This baby also has some serious staying power. It seriously did not budge for 8 hours! Even my husband could easily tell “there was some line drawn there.” Great waterline pencil if you’re in the market!


theBalm Cosmetics Mary Lou-Manizer


So I was excited when I first saw that this was in my bag because I love this highlight. I already own it in a highlighting palette with some of their other shades. But I’m not mad that I got it in my ipsy at all. This small size is perfect to travel with! They call this a honey shade but I definitely think it’s more of a warm champagne. Either way, this highlight packs a serious punch. It gives such an intense glow that is pretty on the face or eyes. Honestly I think this is the highlight that started the trend we see all over the place now. This was the first intense highlighter I ever heard people talking about. And they were talking about it for a good reason. It’s seriously stunning!


I do find it highly ironic that this month’s theme was ipsy Game Face because most of my products used together would make a very dramatic smokey look. But the bag goes with the theme at least. Overall, I think this was on okay month. It would have been a grand slam if some of the colors were better suited for me. But the eyeliner, mask, and highlight were all hits for me! And TBD on that NYX lippie- I may scout it out in a different shade to test out the formula!


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