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It felt like forever waiting for this ipsy bag! I know they get sent out pretty much the same time every month. But for me it felt like I’d been waiting for so long! This month’s theme was “Much Love” and I guess these were supposed to be great products for hanging out at home? Not sure what they’re going for here. I’m not a huge fan of the bag design but really I’m in this for the inside. I did take a sneak peek and was excited to get my products this month so that could be why….


Luna Cosmetics Highlighter in Calypso


I’ve kinda been into the highlighted look lately (maybe because I’ve been dry?) so I was pretty excited to see this in my bag. I definitely applied a little more than I intended- I forgot how pigmented baked highlights can be! This formula is really smooth and not chunky or super glittery. But the highlight is intense- almost metallic! I wasn’t expecting this to be a lavender shade, so that threw me off. I would say this is almost like an icy lavender. Not usually what I go for but it could be fun to play around with! This would be absolutely stunning on pale skin or on deep skin tones.


SOO AE Sheet Mask Duo


Let me just say that I was SO stoked to see I got sheet masks in my bag this month! Plus the ones they sent sound freaking perfect. One is a purifying/detox mask with black charcoal, which happens to be one of my fav detox skincare ingredients. The other is a Green Tea mask to help with texture and boost collagen. Ummm YES sign me up! I’ve only tried the Green Tea mask so far. You look like a crazy person when you’re wearing it. My husband just loved it, obvi. But it does feel really nice on the skin. Honestly, I didn’t notice a huge difference in my skin after one use. I enjoyed it, but can’t really say if it does what it claims.


NYX Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry


This might be the only product I wasn’t chomping at the bit to try. With that being said, it was kinda nice to try out a normal lipstick and give my lips a break from the liquid lippies. I’ve heard great things about their butter lipsticks but for some reason have never tried one. I got the shade Ripe Berry, which in the tube looks like a deep berry with a pink/red undertone. This went on really smooth and creamy, but the pigmentation surprised me. It was a bit more sheer than I expected! It is a really nice raspberry shade though. As long as there’s no eating or drinking, the color will stay on for hours.


Absolute New York Nano Liner Ultra Fine Precision Liquid Liner


First of all, that name is a freaking mouthful! Naming aside, I was pretty pumped to see this in my bag. My eyes are smaller so sometimes I get intimidated by liquid liners because I can never get a thin defined line. This fine tip was perfect for getting a precise lash line and creating a cute little flick was super easy! I decided to step up my game and try a full wing, and that’s where we failed. It might not be bad to outline the eye with at first, but you’re gonna need a different liner to fill in. It’s so thin, it takes forever to fill in the wing. Plus mine kept drying out- and it was my first time using it!


Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Blush Brush 514


Another product I was pretty excited to try out! I think I got another one of their brushes in a past bag, and it was pretty good quality. I have a blush brush I use already, but I was actually thinking about trying new styles. This brush is a little smaller than I’m used to, but I kinda liked it! The bristles are soft and fluffy. I feel like you have more control over where the blush goes, but it’s still easy to tilt the brush and blend things out. It gives such a great flush to the cheeks but doesn’t make you look like a clown. I haven’t washed this yet, but it holds up anything like my other brush I’m not worried. I think I’m going to really like this brush!


All in all, this has been my favorite bag maybe…ever! I’m definitely going to use every single thing in the bag this month. And most everything had pretty good trial runs and first impressions!


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