Turning into a Bag Lady: April 2017

April 20, 2017ipsy Bags, Standard


This month’s theme is ipsy Circus. So the message is all about being yourself and not being afraid to get bold! The bag design goes pretty well with the theme since it’s designed after an admission ticket. As for the products inside, I never really get how it all meshes. But all I care about is that I get excited over the products I get! So here we go:


Mint Pear Vitamin C Serum


I’m actually in the market for a Vitamin C serum so this was pretty good timing! It has a nice texture to it- almost like a water gel hybrid. So it glides onto the skin really smoothly and it absorbs quickly. I did notice that my skin felt sticky after I applied this though. But, it’s not a deal breaker because it went away after I applied my moisturizer. I only have applied this at night because I’ve heard Vitamin C can make you more sensitive to the sun and I’m not trying to get skin damage! The sample size isn’t really enough for me to get a full impression of what it would be like over time, but first impressions were good!


Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Face Lotion


So I’ve only tried this a few times obviously but I have mixed feelings. I’ve always had a hunch that my skin love Argan Oil but this might be the confirmation I needed. This is definitely a thicker lotion so I have only been using this at night. The first time I used this, I looked at my skin after my shower, and literally did a double take. The spots and discoloration on the cheek area were gone and my skin looked even. But the next 2 times I used this, my skin burned a little after I put it on. And I was using the same products underneath! So I’m not sure if my skin would be irritated with time or if it’s just temporary. I literally just bought a different night cream, but I might try this when my current one runs out!


Jesse’s Girl Liquid Liner in Black


KathleenLights talked about this all the time in her videos and I was dying to try it. But I could never find it in my local drugstore- it was always sold out! So obviously, I was so freaking excited when I saw that this was coming! But I have to say that I was kinda disappointed. The pigment is seriously lacking. Like I had to draw on paper to make sure it was supposed to be black. The tip isn’t that fine so making a wing with this is really hard for me. But for a normal non-winged liner, the tip is nice. It’s firmer than I expected but it made it easier to control. I did find it easier to use than most liners I’ve tried. But I had to go in with another liner or black shadow to get the liner to be truly black.


Ofra Blush in Format


This was probably the biggest shock in my bag. I think I got the deepest blush they offered! I think I can make it work but I honestly don’t know why they chose this shade for me. It could be good for a more bronzed look but I probably can’t wear this regularly until I get a tan! When I tested this, I had to barely dab my brush in the pan and then lightly apply to my cheeks. But I was careful to not put too much on the apples because I’d probably look like a clown!  It’s super pigmented which is nice but it makes it hard since this shade isn’t ideal for me. Plus, it’s very glowy, which I’m not a fan of. I definitely prefer matte blushes. On the plus side, this baby is going to last forever since I need such a small amount.


Ciate Bamboo Bronzer


Ok, this was a close second for the biggest shock of this bag. Who in the heck is doing these shade selections?! This bronzer looked crazy light in the pan and I had very low hopes. In fact, I was convinced this wasn’t going to work for me as I was trying it out. But I have to say, it’s really growing on me!  It’s actually really nice for a subtle tan, since it’s basically a warmer version of my skin tone.The product itself is actually pretty nice- it blends well and doesn’t turn orange. It’s not a dramatic summer bronze effect but more like I’m sun-kissed from hanging at a winery all weekend. Get what I mean? I was so taken when I first looked at it, but I could see this being great for a “no makeup” makeup look.


Ok, so that was it. I was super excited to get my bag this month, but the shade selections were just off for me. But don’t worry- I reviewed everything so hopefully they get it together for next month! If you’re interested in joining ipsy, use my link to subscribe!

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