How to Transition Your Makeup from Winter to Spring

April 13, 2017Tips, , Standard

I don’t know about y’all, but I am ready for Spring! The weather here has been awesome so I am already in Spring mode. This year more than usual I am totally planning to dive into some Spring trends and makeup. I am loving literally every new release I see which is painful because I’m tryinggggg to be on a no-buy! But you can still transition your makeup from Winter to Spring using products you already have.


For me, it’s been a tad challenging pulling off the switch. My skin is still recovering from a sensitivity to an eyebrow wax I had almost 3 weeks ago! I’ve been working through redness and patchy dry spots. I’m kinda hoping my skin will come back with the weather. Until then, I have been all over dewy fresh skin! I’ve been doing this a few different ways: mix facial oil into your foundation, mix liquid highlight into foundation, use a glowy primer, or a glowy foundation. I’ve linked a few products that I use to get the job done, but use what you have! Lately, I’ve been sticking to L’Oreal True Match Lumi. It keeps my skin from getting tight- I just powder my nose and under-eyes. That has been my main way to transition to Spring! It benefits my skin too because it’s been so dry lately.


If the weather makes my skin more oily, I’ll switch to mixing my liquid highlight with my matte foundation. I’ll get the oil control but still get the dewy look. One of my fav go-tos for work is to keep the eyes simple and do a bold lip. Just switch from vampy winter shades to bright spring shades! Before my no-buy, I grabbed Kat Von D’s Berlin and I love the shade. I haven’t done many Spring eye looks because my eye area is what’s sensitive. But, I can’t wait to try some pastel toned eyes! I don’t have the shades I need (sadly) but there are so many options (like this, this or this). Glitter should be a trend as well, especially with festival season. I may put my own spin on that one, but it’s another easy thing to change to get pumped for Spring!
So will you be trying any of these ideas for switching your makeup to Spring? I’d love to hear your favorite tricks and products! (For when my no-buy is over of course…) Oh, and send some eyeshadow inspiration my way- the pastel looks I’ve been seeing are so fun!

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