Top 10 Products Under $10 (Part 1)

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Now I know I’m not the only one that likes to stick to a budget (or at least try to)! High end products are awesome and I know people say things like “you get what you pay for” but there are honestly great products out there at the drugstore. Especially if you’re new to makeup, the drugstore can be a great place to test the waters to find different formulas or what shades you like best. I’m definitely on a mission to discover new great quality products from the drugstore but in the meantime I picked out my top 10 favorites! Since that’s a ton of products to go over I’ll talk about 5 this week and 5 next week. Ready, set, go!


Real Techniques Miracle Perfection Sponge

I’ve mentioned this on my blog multiple times I think now so maybe you’re tired of hearing about this product but I IMG_4321just can’t help it! I first bought this product because I’ve heard it was a great dupe for the beautyblender. I was really nervous to try it because I feel like dupes can be overexaggerated and are not actually as good as the high end alternative. But I was actually super impressed with this! I will admit that I’m not sure if this product has as much bounce as the original beautyblender. BUT. When you get this wet, I find that this sponge holds onto the extra moisture better than the beautyblender. In my experience, this sponge soaks up less product and blends a little bit better because of that extra moisture. I could go on and on but this is such a great affordable alternative to the beautyblender. If you’re interested, check out my full review here.


Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Coral Crush

Now I know it’s almost Fall, and we’re already getting into the terracottas and the dusty mauves but I just couldn’t not mention this lipstick! I’m not sure what other shades they have in this line, but this formula overall is IMG_4218great.Obviously, the color lasts longer and bleeds less with a lip liner but overall I find this to be really nice and creamy on the lips. And after doing a quick search online, this lipstick comes in a great range of shades in their original line. There’s also a “bolds” and a “mattes” line among many others for even more of a shade range. So at the very least you can use this lipstick for a good formula that has a ton of shades to try out. Then when you finally take the plunge for that high end lipstick you’ve been drooling over, you have an idea for the type of shade you’re looking for! First of all, the color payoff is great. In my swatches this looks almost neon but it’s one of my favorite shades to pair with just mascara and some bronzer. It’s just one of those colors that helps you look instantly put together since it’s such a bold shade. I find this to be really creamy and easy to apply.


img_4827NYX Foundation Mixer- White

I heard about this product from Casey Holmes on YouTube and I picked it up because I have a CC cream and a couple foundations that I got when I was more tan and just do not work for me anymore. They’re too dark and I was hoping
that this mixer would lighten my foundation without messing with the formula or longevity. When I first mixed this in with my foundation, I was super nervous because it looked like it changed my foundation’s texture. In all honesty, I do think the
texture of your foundation is changed when you use this product. BUT, the most important things: formula, finish, and longevity goes unchanged! I can use this with a matte long-lasting foundation and it stays the same formula and lasts all day or I can use this with a more dewy CC cream and it stays the same! Literally all it does is lighten the shade of the foundation- this shade in particular is a must-have for you fair girls out there! Have the opposite problem? This mixer comes in a variety of shades from white to yellow to olive to deep. I highly recommend!


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey

As you might be able to tell from the photo, this product has been clutch for me for a while now. So much so that all of the lettering has rubbed off of the packaging. I can only see the shade name at the bottom of the tube and had to google it in order to make sure I got the product name right! Above all else, this product is just so EASY! Tons of IMG_4519brands have this packaging now, but it’s shaped like a crayon and the product twists up. Super easy to travel with and throw in your purse when you need a touch up. This product is not super long lasting like some other stains might be but I love the light stain this leaves on your lips. The formula is like a combo of a balm and a stain and it just glides on the lips. Yes, the color selection is limited but the shade Honey is a great everyday shade. This baby honestly lives in my purse for when I need to apply some sort of lip color on the go and this shade is guaranteed to go with every look.


L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara in Blackest Black

This mascara is definitely a new discovery for me but I’m glad I finally decided to pick it up! I’ve been so on high end mascaras lately and have soooo many mini sized mascaras that grabbing another one seems ridiculous. BUT I have to img_4792give some drugstore options a fair chance right?! For the sake of the blog? That’s what I tell myself at least 😉 The most unique thing about this mascara for me is the wand. It’s so flexible and I was totally not expecting it! It just has the perfect amount of give to curve with your lash to make sure every little one in the inner corner is coated with mascara. I also love the tapered bristles which are fatter and thicker to make volumizing the outer portion of your lashes super easy. I find this to be super black and super long lasting. I have to work a little bit harder to get this mascara off at the end of a 9 hour day, which to me means it will last no problem for much longer than that. This is a great everyday mascara that will make your lashes nice and black while adding great volume!

Anddd this is why I didn’t do all 10 products in one post! But those are the first 5 drugstore products that I LOVE. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention- they’re all under $10!! Super budget friendly. Stop by next week when I talk about my other 5 fav products. Those will also be all under $10. So nice to find products that are amazing quality and nice on the wallet!

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