Splurge or Save? Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

I’ve hinted that this post was coming, and it’s finally here! I’ve been trying out this concealer for so long that I’m actually almost out. Testing concealer is so tricky for me because the weather can change my skin so much it reacts totally differently day by day! But I gave it a full test and even did a full review on it.


So I’ll just do a quick recap! The Too Faced Born This Way concealer is high-end, of course and retails for $28. This concealer comes in 10 shades and I decided to grab up the shade Light. There is a nice range with different skin tones and undertones. It is super lightweight but still has medium coverage. I especially love using this under the eyes because it doesn’t cake up on my and has a really nice finish. I would say it’s a natural finish with maybe a hint of a glow. But I don’t notice any boosted smoothness or other skin benefits that it claims. It’s a great option for everyday use and pairs well with different products underneath. But as I mentioned in my previous post, I suspected a dupe so is this product worth the splurge?


I picked up the Maybelline Better Skin Concealer recently and immediately thought of this product when I first tried it. This is much more affordable since it retails for about $9 at Ulta but it only comes in 6 shades. So you are more limited but there is still a pretty good variety of shades so hopefully you can find something close. I grabbed the shade Light in this formula as well, and they are pretty similar. The undertones in this one is slightly more yellow, but you can’t tell much of a difference. I even wore this on one eye and the Too Faced on the other for a few days to really compare them. The formulas and wear time both were the same as well. I even asked my husband to chime in- and he thought the Maybelline side looked better!


Final verdict? Save your money and try out the Maybelline one instead! My husband was very excited that the drugstore one was the one that ended up looking the best. And I was too because it means I can save some of that money to try out newer products!


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