Did I stick to my 2017 Resolutions!?

January 18, 2018Beauty, , Standard

So last year was really my first year making resolutions, and most of them were beauty related. Since everyone seems to break their resolutions, I thought it would be fun to revisit them and see how I did. I thought I remembered most of mine but I was wrong. I basically forgot about all of these 2017 resolutions besides one. But did I stick to them anyways?


Wear More Color


So this is one that I totally forgot about. But I am proud to say that I do think I accomplished this in 2017! And I definitely think it’s something I will take into me into this year. Products like the Lorac Mega Pro 3 palette and the Tartelette Toasted really helped me incorporate color into my looks. I love the way that the peachy tones look on the eyes so I am so glad I gave them a try. I also started to love how edgy cool toned looks can be. I have a few ColourPop shadows that are cool toned and there are some in the Lorac palette. But I am definitely looking for more. So I am definitely looking to experiment even more in 2018!


Do Whatever Look I Want


And this is another one that I totally forgot about. Whoops! But again, I do think that I stuck with this throughout 2017. Yes, there were days I did do stereotypical looks or opted for light makeup for work. But those were also on days where I felt too tired or uninspired to think of a real eye look to do. On the flip side, there were other days where I rocked serious color and smokiness. Yes, I work in an office. And no, no one said anything or probably even noticed. I never rocked false lashes but then again, those take too much of my precious time when I’m getting ready. But I never really cared too much what my coworkers thought. Which is huge for me because I used to worry about what they’d think.


Master the Impossibles


This is the only resolution that I actually remembered. I wanted to master the beauty staples that had eluded me for so long. The dreaded winged eyeliner and false lashes. I still find winged eyeliner so tough to do, especially since I have hooded eyelids. I have done a little flick of eyeliner on the outer corner but I definitely still have work to do. But I have mastered false lashes! I need to find my perfect style but the application is not nearly as difficult as it was. The key really is to just wait. I am so impatient so this was hard. But when they say wait for the glue to get “tacky,” they basically mean almost dry. It’s never the 5 seconds they say- more like 30-45. But it does make it so much easier and I can apply lashes in one try now!


So I think I actually did pretty decent in 2017 in sticking to my beauty resolutions! Especially considering that I forgot more than half of them. I’m already brainstorming of new beauty resolutions to make for 2018. But I am proud of myself for the progress and improvements I made in 2017. I’m hoping that streak will continue into 2018 as well!


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