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This review has been a long time coming! If you didn’t know, Sephora has its own name brand of products which are usually in the mid-range price point. So more expensive than drugstore but less expensive than the high end brands like Tarte and Urban Decay. Everyone loved the small collection.  And then they went and expanded to add a bunch more shades! So of course, I grabbed a couple for review.


Top to Bottom: 01 Always Red, 14 Blackberry Sorbet, 05 Infinite Rose, 13 Marvelous Mauve

So like I mentioned, these Sephora brand cream lip stains are in the “mid range” price point, so to speak. It comes in 14 different shades and retails for $14. So really not bad and there’s a huge shade selection! The packaging is pretty standard and the applicator is your standard doe foot. I find application to be pretty smooth and simple. For a beginner, simple applicators like this one are perfect because you’ve already probably used them in the past. I now own 4 different shades: 01 Always Red, 14 Blackberry Sorbet, 05 Infinite Rose, and 13 Marvelous Mauve. The red was the first shade I bought and is probably my favorite. It’s just a great classic red! The other shades are more fall focused so obviously I need to expand my shade selection.


I do find it interesting that they added “Liquid Lipstick” next to the product name now, but it’s in the lip stain category on the website. I definitely agree that this does perform like a liquid lipstick though. These cream lip stains have a matte finish but still have a creamy formula. They glide on smooth and have great pigment so there’s no streakiness. There is a teensy bit of transfer but that is mainly after eating something with some oil. When I am just sipping coffee or water, there is zero transfer. If I am careful about eating, the color will last through it. But I do tend to reapply afterwards especially if I’m wearing a bold color. I always forget how much I love this formula until I go to grab it again. And then I wonder why it’s been so long since I’ve used it!


Obviously, I definitely recommend this formula. And with 40 shades, there’s something for everyone! The formula is consistent through their many shades. I’ve never experiences streakiness or uneven application. It’s so comfortable on the lips that the other day, I forgot I was wearing a bold red lip! Seriously- if you haven’t tried this formula you need to go and grab a shade!
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