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This time on my ride or die series, it’s all about the eyes! Doing my eye makeup might be my favorite part of getting ready because there are so many possibilities. You can really get creative with eyeshadow and liner! There are so many looks you can create and to me, it all starts with the eyes. Here are my ride or die eye products:


Lorac Mega Pro 3


I feel guilty even mentioning this palette since it was limited edition but I am just in love with this! It’s totally one of my ride or die eye products, and I have to be honest with you guys. I love that there such a wide variety of shades, from neutral to bold and warm to cool. There’s also a mix between shimmers and mattes so you can really create a ton of eye looks! The packaging is also sleek so it would be easy to travel with. I also love the formula on these- easily blendable with the perfect amount of pigment. They do have some pickup when you dip your brush in but for the creaminess and blendability, it’s a no brainer ride or die eye product for me!


Tarte Tartelette in Bloom


This is one of my ride or die eye products for “everyday.” If I’m feeling uninspired in the mornings or am too tired to be creative, this is my go-to. The neutral and warm shades are so easy to pair together, it’s almost foolproof! I also love that there’s a few shimmers in here to switch up your look. My favorite shadows are definitely the last row- the warmth of the shades are perfect and that shimmer gives such a nice brightening effect to my eye look. Overall, these shades just match my skin tone perfectly! They’re nicely pigmented and creamy so there’s easy to blend. The packaging is so adorable and it’s so little you could slip it in your purse if you need to get ready on the go!


L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Black


I literally just mentioned this product in my last post, but it’s honestly a huge ride or die for me! I wish it came in a nude shade because this eyeliner lasts for so freaking long on my waterline. It’s perfect to add that extra something to any smokey eye look! It’s super creamy and pigmented so it just glides onto the eye. I also use this for normal eyeliner when I don’t mind a thicker line. I also own this in brown for when I don’t want to create as dramatic of a look. And it’s still just as pigmented and just as creamy. A great find at the drugstore!


Benefit Roller Lash


I’m hesitant to name a ride or die mascara for my upper lashes, but 100% this mascara from Benefit is a ride or die eye product for my lower lash line. I literally cannot tell you when the last time I used a different mascara was. I will exclusively use this for my lower lashes. It lengthens beautifully and the curve of the wand makes it so easy to coat the lower lashes without smudging! I’ll flip the wand so I use the outside of the curve and I never have any mess to clean! This is also a great mascara for the upper lashes when you’re doing a lighter eye look. They also came out with a brown shade that would be perfect for the “no makeup” makeup trend!


Tarte Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner


I may never buy another eyeliner. Except for the fact that I kinda want to do a Battle of the Liquid Eyeliners. But this eyeliner is without a doubt one of my ride or die eye products for me! The fact that it is double ended is so freaking convenient. It would be perfect to throw in your travel bag because you just need one product! The pencil is a twist up so no need to carry around a sharpener. I love the fact that it’s so small because I can really get a precise line. But I can also build it up if I want to get more bold! I hate liquid liner, but I actually feel semi-competent using this one! It’s super black- one swipe to full intensity. And it doesn’t tug at all. Plus the shape of the tip makes it easy to get a precise line!


Mascara for my upper lash line is the one product I don’t think I can name- I have a few top contenders in mind. But I’d need to battle them out one after the other to truly make a decision on it! But as of today, those are my ride or die eye products! Have suggestions for me? Leave me a note below!


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