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April 19, 2016Tips, Standard

I wasn’t planning on doing many hair posts on my blog. I’ve never been the greatest at styling my hair or being creative with it. I am not an expert by any means so I was just going to stay away from this topic. Buttttt, after talking about dry shampoo with family, friends, and coworkers I’ve discovered that I at least have one trick that I can share! Hopefully this will help you if you have trouble making dry shampoo work for you!


Some backstory: I was getting my hair done about 4 months ago. My hairdresser was trying to give me some suggestions to help my color last longer. She told me the thing that makes the biggest difference is not washing your hair every day. Ew, right? But I did think that my hair color was fading pretty quickly so I gave it a try. Thankfully someone invented dry shampooIMG_4002. My hairdresser said she hadn’t washed her hair in over a month!


I had no desire in being quite that ambitious, but I decided I would try to only wash my hair once every three days and see how it went. After looking at some reviews online, I chose Batiste Dry Shampoo. I chose the hint of color formula in the shade Deep & Dark Brown. I first tried this out on a weekend because if it didn’t go well, I could just stew on the couch all day and no one would care. This held up pretty well on Saturday but we just ended up running some errands. On Sunday, it worked at the roots but I could just tell that my hair wasn’t the same. I just couldn’t style it- no movement, no volume- just blah.


Instead, I tried a different approach next and it’s one that I’ve been using successfully ever since. I know how you’re supposed to use dry shampoo but it doesn’t work well for me. I’ll hop in the shower as normal BUT I just wet my hair. So I’m still not washing my hair with shampoo or using conditioner but I’m not keeping it dry. After I get out of the shower, I blow dry my hair like I normally do and then I add the dry shampoo to my roots. My hair still looks normal because I styled as normal but the dry shampoo takes care of the roots. It seems so simple but I amaze everyone I share this trick with- hopefully this trick can help you out too!

I know this post was a little shorter than normal but I wanted to share my discovery with you- hopefully you’ll branch out and give dry shampoo a try with my trick! Let me know how it goes or if you have any tricks up your sleeve.


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