New Year, New Me? 2018 Beauty Resolutions

January 20, 2018Beauty, Standard

So I rounded up my 2017 resolutions in my last post but I don’t want to stop there. There’s just something about makeup that I love. So I constantly want to be improving my skills and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, just like in my life. I didn’t want to do this post right away this month because I wanted to make sure I had time to reflect and really be thoughtful about my 2018 resolutions.


Finally Master Winged Liner


I know it’s hard, but I really do want to finally master the dreaded winged liner. My hooded eyelids make it really tricky to pull off. And the hoods are different on each side of my eye. Luckily, we live in the age of the internet so I should be able to find plenty of resources to help! I’ve already watched a few tutorials on YouTube and plan to check out Instagram and Twitter for MUAs and different looks. I think with a lot of video help and practice, I can get it down eventually. I saw a great tip just today that suggested practicing with eyeshadow. So I’ll probably be trying that in the near future!


Play with Cool Tones


This is definitely not trendy at the moment, especially with all of the peach tones that are all the rave right now. But maybe with a violet shade being the color of the year for 2018, people will start being more inspired by cool toned looks. Whether they’re trendy or not, cool tones are definitely something I want to play around with more in 2018. And I don’t just want cool toned browns. I want to play with some cool purples, pinks, greys and maybe even steel toned blues. I just think they look so edgy! And I love the way they look on my eyes which is not something I expected. But it’s so hard to find a palette with a ton of cool tones. I am officially on the hunt for 2018!


Be Mindful of Shape


I always knew that different makeup artists and beauty influencers used different techniques to get their look. They all have different preferences and handle product application differently. But it’s really just been in the past few months that I’ve really picked up on eyeshadow shapes. Yes there are the trends of cut creases and halo eyes, and then there’s the classic smokey look. But all of these techniques have different effects on your eye shape. It can make them look more almond shaped, more round, more cat-like, etc. Where you place your shadow can also make a huge difference. Like you can make your lid look larger by placing color above the crease. So this year I want to keep that in mind and play around with different shapes to find my favorites.


I did want to make these 2018 beauty resolutions achievable so I could set myself up for success. And I think they are! And hopefully this year I’ll actually remember by resolutions instead of forgetting them like this year. Did you make yourself 2018 beauty resolutions? Or resolutions in general? I’d love to hear them!
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