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Fall is officially here. In my mind at least. I’m not sure how you Florida or Cali people get into the spirit without the weather changing! On the plus side, you have 0 snow to worry about so I guess I can see how you deal without the seasons 😉 The leaves here are falling already and the temperatures are starting to stay seasonable. I haven’t broken out any scarves yet but my fall coat has been getting some serious use! My makeup routine is also starting to change- I find myself going for more of a matte look and grabbing those typical cranberry, warm toned shades for my eyes and lips. I already know which products I’m going to grab over and over again this season- check out which ones:


Lorac Mega Pro 3

I know I just mentioned this in my favorites post but it is seriously the perfect palette. It has all of the shades I can img_4888use on an everyday basis plus some of the classic shades for Fall- and even ones that will carry me through the warmer months. The packaging is so sleek and slim that it will be perfect to travel with no matter where I go this season. Plus the warm toned shadows in the palette are just beautiful. They’re not chalky or patchy at all. They’re so freaking pigmented and buttery to the touch. They also last all day on my eyes without using any primer underneath- I don’t notice any fading even! I also don’t notice much fallout using this, even with the shimmer shades. I use a small shader brush and pack the shadow on the lids rather than sweep, which could be one of the reasons I don’t get much fallout. One of these days I’m going to play around with the cool toned shadows in this look, but this season I’m all about those beautiful warm toned shadows. I’m just so impressed with this palette and these shadows. It was my first time using these shadows and the quality of these will definitely encourage me to look out for other palettes from them!


Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil- Shade 3

Ok, another one I’ve talked about before. But it’s all for a reason! When I first got into makeup and into doing my brows, there was really only one brand out on the market: Anastasia. Her Brow Wiz was so raved about and while it’s a great product, I couldn’t help but notice all of the other products coming onto the market from different brands. Iimg_5153 first got the Goof Proof in a mini size but to be honest, I’m not sure where I got it from. I think it may have been a Platinum Perk through Ulta where I got it for free with any purchase, but I’m not 100% sure. Either way, I was intrigued by this product when it first came out and I was excited to try it. The dual-ended pencil for me is a must have because having that spoolie brush on the other end makes the whole process that much quicker and easier. I love the teardrop tip on this pencil because even though it doesn’t seem like it, it is so much freaking faster than the tiny tip of the Brow Wiz. I can outline and fill in my brows so much faster and it takes the guesswork out because there’s fewer strokes you have to make since the pencil is bigger. I also love the formula of the pencil itself- it’s so creamy so it glides across your brows and it somehow lasts all day. I bought the full size as part of the Soft & Natural Set (review coming soon) but I will definitely repurchase this!


Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush in 02

This product I actually do remember where I got it from- it was in one of those GWP sets that Ulta does. I was placing a large order with my usuals- face wash, dry shampoo and realized I was eligible for one of their beauty bags for free img_5151so I just had to add it to my cart! I actually don’t own anything from this brand, so this was my first time trying one of their products. I wasn’t too thrilled about this when I first saw it though, because I just don’t get that excited about blush. But the formula is really nice and pigmented, and the color stays on my cheeks all through the work day. The color is actually great- it’s a nice natural shade that goes with any makeup look. I love that I can pair this with a bold lip or a dramatic warm-toned smokey eye. I’ve found myself grabbing this blush over others when I’m not sure what color I want on my cheeks and it hasn’t let me down yet. The shade is definitely more peachy, which I prefer in a blush and it just gives my face some dimension and life. The packaging on the full size version of this product is also so freaking adorable!


Makeup Forever Step 1: Smoothing Primer

Another one I’ve never talked about, which is actually shocking! I went through a phase when I bought a new primer every time I needed one- no repurchasing allowed. When MUFE first came out with their line of primers, everyone img_5150went crazy for them. They were impossible to find in stores and seemingly always out online as well. They have 10 different finishes, with the majority of them being a variety of tinted primers to help color correct or brighten. I was actually looking for the Mattifying one when I went to purchase in stores but grabbed the Smoothing one instead. Let me just say that if you are looking for a super primer that will erase pores, look no further! I’ve tried so many pore-minimizing products and this does the best job on my skin by far. I have to be careful when I use this because I also find that this mattifies my skin as well so I have to be sure to pair it with a natural or luminous finish foundation. The biggest setback for me with this primer is the price. For 1 oz of product, it’s a whopping $37. For primer. I know. But I actually just realized that getting 2 travel size products are a better value- $17 each for .5 oz. That makes it slightly better but this really is a great primer that I will definitely use to get that flawless foundation look for fall.


ColourPop Lippie Stix in LBB

I reviewed ColourPop in general when I first started my blog, but haven’t mentioned their products much since! Of course fall lip trends all are about bold, matte lips. That deep berry shade isn’t the “trendy” color for this season this img_5152year, but it’s shade that becomes more popular every fall so to me it’s a classic bold lip color for fall. When liquid lipsticks first came out, I was all over that trend since it’s something that you can put on at the beginning of the day and forget about it. My favorite bold lip colors have a liquid lip formula and a matte finish. But these formulas can also be super drying for the lips so every once in awhile, I try out a different formula to give my lips a little break. This lippie stix in LBB is a great deep berry which is described as a “deep plum wine” on their website. The lip swatch on their site is different than on my skin tone- the berry definitely comes across more and it’s deeper in shade than the photo, I think. This shade is in their matte finish so it will still give you that matte lip look, but it isn’t as drying and you can more easily apply lip balm in between re-applications to help keep your lips feeling hydrated.


I feel like I’ve said this like 1000 times before, but obviously trends are just trends. If you want to rock a pastel look and forget about the cranberry shadows and bold lips, then you go right ahead! I’ve always loved fall looks and trends, so I wanted to be sure to share with you the products I keep grabbing over and over this season. What are your favorite products for fall?


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