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So this week is a crazy week for me- my husband and I spent the holiday weekend finishing up all of the packing. We got a last minute call from a local rescue about seeing puppies that we were interested in so that was some unexpected running around but totally worth it! It was definitely the highlight of my packing weekend! My 12 year old sister is coming to visit too so we’re going to go get her today and then we have closing on the new house on Wednesday. Then it’s testing paint colors and last minute packing before we move on Saturday. Maybe crazy week was an understatement? With all of the packing, I had to get the makeup collection to the bare bones. Since this week is going to be hectic I wanted to focus on products that were lightweight but wouldn’t break down in the summer heat. Here’s what I’m working with this week:


Smashbox BB/CC Cream

I really should have packed one of these away but I just couldn’t decide which one! Both of these products from Smashbox are great lightweight “foundations” for summer. The humidity does affect the CC cream if I’m outside for IMG_4521an extended period of time but that’s usually after about 6 or 7 hours of wear. For normal daily use, both of these products are my must-haves. I love the coverage of the CC cream and it really does even my skin out in an instant. On Ulta’s website, Smashbox claims that their CC cream “visibly fades existing dark spots, sun spots, and post-acne marks” while it “primes, perfects, protects, moisturizes, and controls oil.” I can’t really vouch for all of these claims because I do normally use a primer and I’m not sure I notice a difference in my sun spots or post-acne marks. But what I can say is that this CC cream has great coverage and helps even out my skintone while having some SPF that will help protect my skin in the summer sun. I picked up the BB cream recently when I did some research on the Garnier BB cream and realized it actually didn’t have the best ingredients. I also think it was breaking me out if I wore it too many days in a row. The BB cream doesn’t have quite as much coverage which I expected but the finish on this product is amazing. I don’t use this as a primer like the description says you can but I love this for days when I want some coverage but don’t have time or just want a lighter base of makeup. I find that both of these products work better with a foundation brush as opposed to a beautyblender or sponge. I didn’t believe the advice when I first heard it, but using this with a sponge was a pain to blend and I still didn’t feel like my skin looked right. Trust me on this one- use a brush! The other bummer about these products is that it comes in a very limited shade range. I found a shade that works ok for me (Light) but I bought the CC cream when I was more tan so I have to mix it with a white foundation to make it work. I narrowed it down to just these 2 products to hold me over for the next few crazy days. It’s easy, lightweight coverage that will be perfect for me on the go!


Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller in Sheer Tint

Now I just taked about this product in my June favorites so it might not be that surprising that I’m mentioning it IMG_4489again, but I have been using this concealer nonstop so I figured might as well keep using it! I love that this give a light coverage so when I don’t want that dramatic highlight underneath the eye, this is always the first concealer I turn to. I don’t want to dive too deep into this product since I just talked about in one of my last posts. I wanted to focus on lighter makeup this week so this rollerball concealer will be easy to apply and easy to throw in a bag if I’m on the go. It has lighter coverage and is super easy to blend in with either a brush, beautyblender, or even your finger! I especially love that this is a rollerball as opposed to a pump or tube because it’s a lot easier to get the exact amount of product that you need. I end up wasting product when a concealer has a pump because I feel like it always dispenses too much product and your hand gets messy and you have to use a tissue or paper towel- it’s just a mess.


Benefit Hoola

This product has been my ride-or-die for a while now. I first discovered this while I was in high school when I got my makeup done for the homecoming dance. I have tried other bronzers, but I just always come back to this. It’s a IMG_4520bronzer I will repurchase forever. Yes, forever. Let’s see what the description on Ulta’s website says. Benefit claims that this product will give you “a healthy, natural looking ‘tan’ year-round” and that “it’s pure matte color.” Now, I don’t agree with 100% of company claims often, but hands down I agree with all of these! This is completely a completely matte bronzer but it doesn’t look dull or flat on the skin whatsoever. Hoola also has the perfect balance between a warm undertone and an ashy undertone so I use this product for both bronzing and contouring. Oh, and I love to throw this in the crease of the eye and put on mascara- instant definition without too much work! I take either dust it all over the cheek area and top of the forehead to bronze, or I concentrate it in the hollows of my cheekbones to contour. I love that this can be used to do both which is why I find myself reaching for it often. Since I wanted to keep the face products to a minimum this week, this one was a no brainer for me. I think I’ll even call this my holy grail bronzer. I was using my Too Faced  Cocoa Contour Palette to bronze for a while and then went back to Hoola one day. I fell in love all over again and haven’t turned back since. There’s nooooo way I could have packed this away this week!


Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in HoneyIMG_4519

Since the goal for the week is to keep my makeup simple, I was looking for a lip color that was pretty neutral and would be a great everyday type of shade. A my-lips-but-better shade, if you will. I wanted something that would be comfortable to wear but I also didn’t want to have to worry about smudging or fading throughout the day. I finally realized what I was looking for was the Revlon balm stain. I’ve worn this so much that all of the lettering came off so I had to google the shade to make sure I was linking the right product. Revlon claims that this product “gives softer, smoother lips with a perfect flush of color.” This has a lip balm texture when you apply it- definitely creamy and moisturizing. But the pigment lasts on my lips all day- even through eating and drinking! The packaging of this is just like Clinique’s Chubby Stick (which I still haven’t tried!) It’s a retractable pencil packaging which is perfect for travelling because you don’t have to worry about making sure your lid is twisted tight and there’s no chance of leaking. I definitely want to pick up more shades of this Revlon stain and I really want to try other formulas for stains. Do you have any suggestions?!


Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium

Ok last one, and it just so happens to be another Benefit product. Ever since people started doing brows, I found this IMG_4522product and it’s become one of my must-haves. I’ve repurchased this several times and it’s just so quick and easy to use that I can’t go without it. I really have been loving the new Goof Proof pencil from Benefit but with how crazy this week is going to be, I knew I would not have time to properly fill in my brows despite how much I’ve been obsessing over that pencil. The Gimme Brow is essentially a brow mascara that has little fibers which stick to your brow hairs and in the process, it makes your brows look thicker. It’s great for naturally filling in sparse areas. My main thing though is it’s just soooo quick and easy. I needed a brow product like this for this week so I can apply it in a hurry and it’s easy to throw in my bag. They’ve changed the packaging and the shades now since they did the new brow launch recently. The new packaging is stunningggg…I’m so sad I missed out on it! It will be a little tricky when I go to repurchase though because I don’t know if I should get shade 1 or shade 3. Benefit also claims that this product is water resistant which I’ve never put to the test before but I will say that this is very long lasting and I love that it gives the appearance of fuller brows in an instant!


Those are the products I couldn’t bring myself to pack away this week- I might have been able to go without makeup for a week but I just love wearing it! I think it makes you look put together in an instant and I just can’t think of not wearing makeup at work for a whole week! This will be a wonky work week for me because of the holiday and closing on Wednesday but still- I have to have a liiiiittle something. What are some of your fool-proof, easy to travel with must-have products? Let me know your suggestions in the comments!

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