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May 14, 2016Skin Care, Standard



I haven’t talked at all about skincare yet which is weird for me. My skin had a weird texture on my cheeks so I did a ton of research on different serums and oils to see which ingredients would be best. My skin has actually been better since I switched to this new routine! I feel like I’ve been trying forever to improve my skin’s texture so I’m stoked that something is finally working right.


A little bit about my skin first: it has been a little wonky lately. I think the weather is actually starting to affect my skin more. This past winter, it was normal to a little dry. It was a pretty big learning curve for me because I’ve always been oily. Now it’s starting to get back to combination skin since the weather is getting warmer again. I also have eczema so my skin can be sensitive to harsh ingredients. I also have some redness on my cheeks and forehead. Within the past couple months, I have been adjusting to a new skincare routine. It’s really helped with the texture on my cheeks! 


IMG_4075Step 1: Cleanser

I’ve been switching cleansers a lot within the past year or so. I’m trying to find one that deep cleans my skin without overdrying it. I’ve tried Philosophy’s Purity which I feel didn’t clean my skin enough. First Aid Beauty’s Skin Rescue Cleanser over dried my skin to the point where even moisturizer didn’t help. For the past couple months, I’ve been trying out The Body Shop’s Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash. I’ve been loving this so far because it’s actually taken care of the blackheads I had around my cheeks and nose.


I feel like it actually cleans my skin but it’s not overly dry. Plus, my oil doesn’t peek through if it’s a day I decide to not wear any face makeup. I don’t notice much of a smell when I use this. But since this contains Menthol, it does have a tingling/cooling effect. When I first used this, I didn’t know that so I was freaked out the first time I used it. I actually love it now- it’s so refreshing! The only bummer about this product is that it’s not available in any store near me- I have to order it online through The Body Shop or Ulta’s website. Thennnn I normally have to add enough product in my cart so I qualify for free shipping- oh darn! 😉


Step 2: TonerIMG_4076

I’m still on the fence with the toner bandwagon because I don’t know if it actually makes a difference. I’ve done a ton of research on toners on different skincare websites but there doesn’t seem to be any consensus among the sites. Some say toners can be helpful (especially for oil) and others say it doesn’t make much of a difference at all. But, I LOVE how clean and refreshed my skin feels after I use toner. So for now I’m going to keep using it! I was using Mario Badescu’s Cucumber Cleansing Lotion for many months but it was definitely not the right formulation for my skin type.


For a couple months, I had convinced myself that I had very oily skin so I was using products that were over drying my skin and making it more oily in the process. I realized the products were making my skin oily once it got colder. So, I switched to products formulated for more combination skin which has been working wonders. The toner I’m currently using is Clinique’s Mild Clarifying Lotion. Like I said, I don’t know if it actually makes a difference in my skin. But I do like the way it feels and it’s relaxing to me so I’m going to continue using this for sure.


IMG_4077Step 3: Moisturizer

Last step of my morning routine is moisturizer- I keep my daytime routine pretty simple because I don’t want to have to fuss over a ton of products in the morning. I can be walking around like a zombie at 6:30am so I’ve always preferred a simple morning routine. I’ve switched my moisturizer around multiple times within the past year because it was either making me too oily or overly dry. I was using Clinique’s Dramatically Different moisturizing gel but it was clogging my pores. Since that product clogged my pores and was too moisturizing, I switched to the other side of the spectrum and started using First Aid Beauty’s Skin Rescue Mattifying Gel. That combined with the face cleanser was just way too much for my skin but this could be a great combo for oily girls!


About 2-3 months ago, I decided that my skin probably wasn’t as oily as I thought it was. I’m currently using The Body Shop’s Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion and I have been loving it! This a light lotion that isn’t too heavy for my combination skin. Plus, it leaves my skin feeling moisturized without feeling greasy. If I go without makeup, my oil doesn’t peek through and my skin feels perfectly moisturized throughout the day. If I do decide to wear makeup, this acts as a great base for primer or BB cream. I would highly recommend this if you have slightly dry to combination skin!

After my moisturizer sinks in, I go in with whatever primer and foundation/BB cream I’m going to use for the day. My skin is still nowhere near perfect. I have redness that always comes through and I now have this lovely fine line on my forehead that I would love to go away. I still battle with texture every so often as well as the occasional hormonal breakout. My main concerns now are dark acne spots, reducing that pesky wrinkle on my forehead, and spot treatments. If you have any recommendations for these products, I’d love to hear them! What are your skincare must haves?


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