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Ok but how is it May? I had a feeling this month would fly by and holy crap I was right! For about 2 weeks in the middle of the month I was travelling for work. First to Pittsburgh, home for 2 days, then off to West Virginia. I thought I would be exhausted but I loved getting out of the office! I had to pack wisely for both trips, and these are my monthly favorites:


It Cosmetics CC Cream in Light


I still can’t commit to a full size because I’m convinced I’ll hate this the second I get it! So I went slightly larger this time and got the travel size. And I still love it! This product was especially great in West Virginia because we were pretty remote. It has coverage which blends easily and gave me SPF protection. I also loved that this was easily layered so I could build up the coverage in my T zone. It also wears beautifully so there was no cakiness at the end of my 12 hour work days! I prefer a beauty sponge for application but in a pinch your fingers would work too! The finish on this is so natural but it’s so lightweight which makes it perfect for when you’re in a hurry.


ColourPop Ultra Blotted Lip in Zuma


I reviewed both of ColourPop’s new lip formula in a recent post, but I have to say that this shade has been my go-to lately! It’s a great neutral color that still leaves your lips with a hint of color. I loved using it in West Virginia because this formula is transfer proof and the formula gives a blurred wash of color to the lips. So basically I got a hint of color on the lips without trying too hard! This formula lasted all day without budging and I just needed minimal touch ups after a burger. It was slightly drying, but nothing some evening and morning lip balm couldn’t fix! I didn’t bring many lippies with me, so it says a lot that this made the cut!


Benefit Roller Lash


I honestly go back and forth with this mascara but for light eye looks, it’s always my go to. It’s a must have product for me because I use it daily on my lower lash line. I alternate this with other formulas because I prefer something more volumizing if I do a more dramatic eye look. But for a 4am wake up call in Pittsburgh, this baby came through! It never flakes and is a time saver because I can skip curling my lashes. I look more awake in an instant because this does such a great job of opening my eyes up. The wand is perfect for preventing clumps and I’m always amazed by how much lash separation I get with this! For no or minimal eye shadow looks, I highly recommend this!


L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper in Light to Medium


Pretty sure I’ve raved about this product before, but this is probably in my top 5 drugstore products of all time. This is a tinted brow mascara that has little fibers in it. There are ton of brands that have their own version. Personally, I find that this color has the perfect undertone for me. Other brands I’ve tried have weird ashy undertones in their light brow mascaras (lookin’ at you Benefit). This formula sets your brow hairs, gives some color and volume to the brows. This all in one product was perfect for the 4am wake up call, because I needed to be out the door fast. But I still wanted to look put together when meeting volunteers and board members! I could quickly brush through my brows with this and be ready in an instant.


Sephora Bright Future Concealer in Custard


I plan to do a full dedicated post on this product soon, but I wanted to give a little shout out in this post! This concealer is a lighter coverage formula with a rounded applicator. I’m not really the biggest fan of the applicator because I have to constantly dip back into the tube. But, I love the natural finish! It’s perfect for a “no makeup” kind of look, or just a more natural look. I’ve used this to give additional coverage over blemishes, but also for underneath the eyes. You definitely have to set this product but it layers nicely. And it doesn’t crease under my eyes and only looks cakey after about 12-13 hours. Which is pretty good if you ask me!


I’m sure as the weather heats up, my product preferences will change. But for this month and with my work travel, these are my monthly favorites! I know I’m *technically* supposed to be on an extended no buy, but if you have recommendations for new products- let me know!


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