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So I was a bad blogger and didn’t realize I never took a group photo of this month’s favs! So depressing because I even have a special section in my planner to make sure I don’t fall behind. Le boo. Anyways, March has been weird for me because I’ve been on an unofficial no-buy.


Cortizone 10- Maximum Strength


Hear me out for  second. This is totally random, but semi-skincare related! I recently got my eyebrows waxed, and my skin freaked out. I’m talking red, itchy bumps appeared all over my eyebrow area where the wax was applied. This has never happened to me before so it threw me for a loop. I made my husband grab this ASAP when it was still bad 2 days later. I applied this morning and night for about 3 days and it’s almost gone now. So this stuff has been a lifesaver for me this month. Random? Yes. A legit necessity this month? Abso-freaking-lutely.


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


I normally don’t mention tools in my favorites, but I had to give this guy a shout out! In my Sephora haul, you probably noticed that I grabbed a fresh beautyblender. But I have to be honest…I’ve been loving this sponge more! *gasp* I know. In my opinion, this one blends out the product better because it doesn’t soak up as much. My new beautyblender soaked up way more product than I ever remembered it doing before! I used it once and the pink sponge basically was tan. Plus this sponge was easier for me to clean. My beautyblender actually had major color bleeding- and I was using the beautyblender solid cleanser! Plus, the Real Techniques sponge is more affordable. All of the winning. And an obvious choice for a fav this month!


It Cosmetics CC Powder Foundation


I haven’t talked too much about this product yet, but I have really been loving it this month. I’ve been kinda sleepy and lazy in the morning so I’ll opt for a BB or CC cream instead of foundation. But they’re usually tacky on me so I’ve been setting my face with powder. It helps give some added coverage while also making it easier to blend out bronzer and blush. I’ve been grabbing this powder over others lately, so I had to give it a shoutout! It almost has a blurring effect and just has such a pretty finish on the skin. I literally bought this just to reach a minimum for a sample of their CC cream but I am so glad I chose this! It’s my fav pressed powder foundation at the moment.


L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara


I was pretty “meh” about this mascara when I first tried it. But my, how times have changed! I’ve been grabbing this so much this month. It has a standard natural bristle wand, so application is super easy. I can be half asleep and apply it kinda mindlessly. This mascara is super black which I have been noticing more and more. It really makes my eyes stand out and with an eyeliner my whole lash line just looks fuller. I usually apply 2-3 coats to get the volume I want! I use my spoolie brush to make sure I get the separation I want. But I love this way more than I did initially. That intense black pigment is everything!


Tarte Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner


I’ve been trying so so hard to not mention a Tarte product in my favorites. I counted and since I started doing monthly favorites, I’ve only not mentioned Tarte twice. Sorry, not sorry. If I truly love something, I want to rave about it to you! And I’ve been back in love with this baby this month! I’ve been loving both sides of this. I’ll do a light eye makeup day, and use the pencil side to gently line my upper line. The pencil is so thin that it just gives an appearance of fuller lashes instead of looking like you have on liner. The liquid side has been so easy for me to use! I’d try to use a different brand or tip and nothing beats this one! It’s intensely black with one swipe and gives amazing definition to the eyes. I just love that this is a multi-functional liner that also travels well!


So- that’s my favorites for this month! Now that my skin has bounced back from my waxing incident, I’m excited to play around more with makeup. I put some gift cards to use recently so I have some new goodies to review soon! Have a product you want a review on? Let me know below!


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