Mascara Madness: They’re Real Mascara and Primer

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Turns out I have a mascara hoarding problem. Lucky for you I’ve decided to do a round-up of all the mascaras I own and break down the pros and cons to help you find your next holy grail mascara! I wanted to put Benefit’s They’re Real mascara together in one post with their primer by the same name since the wands are exactly the same. For starters, the wand of these products is so unique! It’s a plastic wand and the combination of longer and shorter bristles really grab onto your lashes to coat them evenly with product while separating. It took me a while to get used to the little ball on the end of the wand but now I love it. It’s so easy to get the little lashes on the inner corner of your eye and makes coating bottom lashes effortless!



They’re Real Mascara


On Ulta’s website, they claim that this mascara “lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates” and has a formula that won’t smudge or dry out. I can say that I’ve owned this for a while but find only some of these claims to be true. It is great at lengthening and separating my lashes. But, there are definitely other voluminizing mascaras out there. I don’t notice much of a difference with this  curling my lashes. IMG_3460It does help some if you wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes. But like I said there are other formulas that do a better job at volume.  I also had an issue with this drying out a little bit which also made it a little flaky. This mascara is long wearing and normally won’t flake off during the day. They also released it in brown and blue! All in all, this is a solid lengthening mascara with a great wand. It really helps to coat each and every little lash. This would be great for people who might have shorter lashes who really want to make each lash stand out!


They’re Real Primer


The primer has the same type of wand compared to the mascara. But it’s definitely a completely different formula. I do just have a sample size IMG_3869and can’t remember exactly where I got it from. But, this wand is great at getting each individual lash. This formula claims to define and prime lashes at the same time. According to the website, this mascara can be worn alone for a “natural, feathery look” or layered under another mascara to boost “lash length & separation for a beyond belief look.” I haven’t worn this alone for an entire day but I am OBSESSED with this formula! My lashes feel soft after using this primer. Plus, the formula doesn’t clump at all (not even with layers)! 


My favorite way to use this is to layer it a for a natural false lash effect without having to deal with falsies and glue. I learned this trick from watching KathleenLights’ voluminous lashes tutorial- check it out here if you’re interested! For people who aren’t as comfortable with makeup, this would be a great one to try. This would also be great to achieve that “no makeup” makeup look. My favorite duo is using this as a primer and then going in on top with the Benefit Roller Lash mascara!


So to sum this up, both of these products are solid additions to your makeup collection. The original They’re Real is a great lengthening and separating mascara. The Primer version is a must-have multifunctional product for me. You can use it on its own if you want natural lashes. Or layer it under another product for a more dramatic look! What are your holy grail mascaras? I’d love new mascara suggestions!


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