Mascara Madness: Essence Volume Stylist Lash Extension Mascara

February 10, 2018Reviews, , , Standard


Time to talk more mascara! I have tried very hard to keep my mascara obsession in check. I used to be the type of person that had like 6 different mascaras open at any given time. There were things that I liked about each mascara so I used them all! Now I try to keep myself to a more realistic number of mascaras. Well, until this series at least!


I wanted to try out the Essence Volume Stylist Lash Extension mascara after I saw some influencers rave about their mascaras. This one in particular looked right up my alley. It’s supposed to give incredible volume and the formula has fibers in it to help lengthen as well! It also claims to reach every single lash with the style of wand that’s on this mascara. It does have a natural bristle brush and the bristles of the brush are pretty close together. So, all of those claims and you can grab this baby for only $5! Basically this mascara is supposed to do it all- volumize, lengthen, and separate. So how could I not grab this up to test out?!


But how does this formula actually hold up through an entire day? Well, I will say that it took me a few tries before really seeing a huge difference. Application is key with this mascara in particular. I got the best results when I really focused the wand at the base of the lashes and then slowly wiggled the wand up towards the ends. Then, I repeated this a few times and then focused the wand at the ends of my lashes to get maximum length. I do think this is a great all around mascara, especially for the price. But there is a pretty big setback for me that I’m not sure I can overlook. Flaking. The first time I thought it was a fluke but when it kept happening, I couldn’t keep ignoring it.


So I’m just not sure how to feel about this one because of the flaking issue. If it were a high end mascara I would deem it unacceptable. But because this is only $5 I think it’s slightly more tolerable. I’m just not sure how much use I’ll get out of this one because I do have other formulas I like more. And other ones from the drugstore I like more. But if flaking doesn’t bug you, this is a great all-around mascara.


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