Mascara Madness: It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

February 3, 2018Reviews, , Standard

Like I said in my Sephora haul post, I did get this in an ipsy and remember really liking it. So now that I decided to focus my attention back on mascara formulas, I wanted to grab the full size! Plus I had a gift card so that’s always an added bonus when treating yourself. Let’s not waste any more time and get right to it:


Like I said, I first got this mascara in an ipsy bag and I remembered loving it! I was really hoping I would feel the same way after buying the full size. Especially because of the $24 price tag. The packaging is really long and slim which is really nice but the wand always throws me off. It actually looks like a pretty standard mascara wand with natural bristles. Really nothing unique about it shape wise or anything wise for that matter. This mascara basically claims to do it all! It’s supposed to lengthen, volumize, condition, and separate your lashes. Oh and the pigment on this is super black and you can build up the formula to get your desired effect. It also claims to be anti-aging but I have no idea how you’re supposed to be able to tell that on your eyelashes…


With such a standard wand, I was confused as to why I would love a product so much. The formula seemed to be pretty standard when I opened the new tube. But as I started to apply it, I realized that looks can be deceiving! You can seriously get away with just one coat of this mascara and you’ll have great length and volume. They actually claim that it does in the job in one coat and I totally agree. Of course I went over the top and layered a second coat. I do think it got a little clumpy when you try to layer it. But nothing my little spoolie brush couldn’t take care of! Yes, this is a high end mascara but I have to say that this lives up to its claims. Well, besides the anti-aging one. I literally have no clue how that’s a thing.


So if you’re in the mood to splurge and want to make sure you’re buying a quality mascara, this is a great option. I also didn’t experience any running or flaking throughout the day which is a huge plus. It definitely gave me both volume and length which can be hard to find in one formula! Even though it has a simple wand, it’s also nice because it’s so easy to use. I definitely recommend this one!

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