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I am SO EXCITED to talk about this week’s mascara! I originally got it as a sample, but I can’t remember where it came from (Sephora? Birchbox? Ulta?). Either way, I’m glad this little beauty came into my life because I cannot live without it these days! I could just start rambling and raving on and on, but let’s talk about the wand first!

This one is similar to the They’re Real wand in the sense that it’s also a plastic wand with spiky bristles. Buttttt, IMG_3971this one is different because the wand has a pretty drastic curve to it. At first, I thought the curve was just a gimmick. I did not think it would actually do anything. This mascara claims it “grabs, separates, lifts, and curls” while helping your curl last for 12 hours.


I have never used a mascara that actually helped my curl at all. I didn’t expect much from this little sample but I gave it a try. Ummm THIS IS NOT A DRILL. It actually does what it says- it’s not a gimmick! I actually loved this mascara so much that I grabbed the full size of this product and I’m still loving it! Now, I usually talk about some cons of each product when I do these but I honestly don’t have any! The only thing I wish is that this mascara also gave volume to the lashes. But it doesn’t claim to so I can’t actually complain about that.

Since I don’t  have any negatives, I figured instead I’d talk about some of my favorite ways to use this mascara. You can totally use this on its own and the separation will amaze you. It’s great for simple makeup looks or for more dramatic look just add coats! I’ve found I also get a good amount of volume when I use the They’re Real primer underneath (complete review here) and then layer 2 coats of Roller Lash on top.


Depending on the event and how much time I have, I’ll use a trick that I learned from KathleenLights! Get the appearance of false lashes without using actual lashes! Basically, curl your lashes and then go in with a primer and 2 coats of mascara. But, use a lash curler in between each step. Just make sure the previous coat of product has completely dried so you don’t pull at your lashes! I really notice a difference whenever I use that trick and the Roller Lash mascara is perfect because it doesn’t clump even with all of the layers of product!


In case you haven’t gathered this by now, I am OBSESSED with this mascara. This could be my new holy grail- it’s just such a versatile product and it actually helps hold my curl all day! I’ve never known a mascara could actually do this! The separation the wand allows me to get is great and if you try a clumpy mascara just use this on top to help remove the clumps. Have you tried this mascara? Is there one you like better (if so, PLEASE comment and let me know because I would just have no choice but to try it).


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I didn’t get along with the They’re Real mascara as found it too difficult to remove however after trying this one I have never had another mascara! It tube lasts for ages and it so pretty! I even get people asking if these are my real lashes when wearing it. A must have mascara!

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