LuLaRoe Spring Styling: The Madison Skirt

May 20, 2017Reviews, , Standard

You guessed it- more LuLaRoe! We’re going back to skirts! If you didn’t see my first post in the series, check it out here. I also talk a little more in depth about what LuLaRoe even is in my very first post. I had such a hard time finding someone petite wearing these! So I decided to take photos myself! For reference, I’m 5’2” and a 00/0.


This was my very first Madison skirt and I’ll be honest, I’ve never worn it in public! I was hesitant on how to style it and thought it made me look weird. This particular one was from the Elegance collection back during the holidays so that’s why it looks a little fancier. I got a size XS, which is the smallest it comes in. To dress it down, I paired it with a red V neck T shirt and brown sandals. I kept the jewelry simple to keep the look overall casual. I chose a pearl drop necklace and pearl studs. The Madison skirt goes to about my knee and has a slight flair to it. Even though this one is white, the material is high enough quality and thicker so you don’t see through it.


To dress it up a little more, I chose a bright teal tank and white wedges with cork detail. I kept the jewelry simple but I think this outfit would look even better with a chunky or statement necklace. After trying this skirt on and playing around with different outfits, I’m definitely going to start wearing this more! The white and gold detail is perfect for Spring and Summer. Plus you can easily pair it with a ton of fun colors! For my small frame, I definitely prefer to tuck in the shirt or tank so I can get the waist definition. I have also seen options where the shirt is not tucked in but knotted so you still get the defined waistline. Now that this is finally out of my closet, I will play around with different options. I also think this skirt would look so cute belted!

So that’s the Madison in a nutshell! I think the flare is so fun and flattering on multiple body types. It can hide any insecurities in the mid-section but also give the illusion of curves. My favorite way I’ve tried is to dress it down, but I am excited to dress it up for work! My favorite way to wear this is to tuck in the shirt completely. But I’m always down to try new styling idea! Leave me yours below!

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