LuLaRoe Spring Styling: The Julia

May 13, 2017Reviews, , Standard

Time for more LuLaRoe! We’re talking dresses now. If you didn’t see my last post, check it out here. I also talk a little more in depth about what LuLaRoe even is in my very first post. I thought it would be helpful to try on these clothes so you could see how they fit on an actual person. And it was impossible to find someone petite wearing these pieces! For the re-do, we’re talking Julia Spring styling! So for reference, I’m 5’2” and a 00/0.



Ok so if Cassie is my favorite skirt, the Julia is 100% my favorite dress. I can get how some people would be scared because it’s not as flowy or flared as their other dresses. But the versatility should win you over. It’s a classic T shirt dress! This grey one is a cotton material in an XXS, but the others I have are more stretchy and almost silky. And it makes a difference in fit. This grey one is cute and I still wear it all the time, but I could size up to an XS if it’s this cotton material. That would make it a little more forgiving in the mid-section. Anyways, for a more casual style I paired this with a jean jacket from Old Navy and casual sneakers from Target. I just have some stud earrings in and that’s it!



I also love the Julia for work. It’s a simple but classic piece that is easily layered. I usually pair this with a longer necklace and either heels or flats. Here, I’m wearing nude heels which instantly makes the outfit more dressy. I have also added a blazer to this for work and paired with flats. I own this in a solid black and a solid blue color as well. They’re all great staple pieces for my closet. I love pairing bold jewelry or chandelier earrings with these dresses. They’re just so easy to throw on and pair with fun accessories! I also love that this dress is a little longer on me so I don’t have to worry about flashing anyone as I go throughout my day. At the same time, the fabric isn’t constricting. So no awkward mini steps like some dresses and skirts can cause!


Obviously, my favorite dress gets a glowing review from me! I was using safety pins in my Fall post to make this dress a little shorter. But in these photos I literally did nothing so you can see the true fit and feel of the dress! I was scared to order my first one, but this dress looks amazing on petite frames. Again- if you need a LuLaRoe shop recommendation, message me but otherwise I’m sure if you ask on Facebook someone will hook you up!


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