LuLaRoe Spring Styling: The Cassie

May 6, 2017Reviews, , Standard

My LuLaRoe posts seem pretty popular, so I thought I’d bring them back again! My hubby graciously helped (read: forced into) taking photos on a sunny Saturday. I’ll highlight a different style every Saturday this month and show you different ways to style it! I started this series because I was having the hardest time figuring out what style would look best on my petite frame.


For reference, I’m 5’2” and usually a 00 or 0 in most brands. So yes, I’m crazy petite. If you’re not familiar, LuLaRoe is all about comfy clothes! There are consultants throughout the country who are retailers, and most sell through Facebook groups. It’s unique because LuLaRoe creates a limited number of pieces in a certain size, in a certain pattern. This skirt style, the Cassie, is actually one of my favorites! I love these for work because there’s no worrying about if you’re gonna flash someone bending over. Plus, Cassie retails for $35 which is great for a classic pencil skirt. It comes in so many colors and patterns that are impossible to find in other places (and that look good on me!). I paired this mint/teal skirt with a classic black silky tank and flats. For work, I would layer a cardigan or blazer on top.


At the same time, this style is also easy to dress down! I swamped the tank for a grey T shirt and added a brown belt to match my sandals. You could also pair this with simple sneakers like Keds or even TOMS! I have seen people style this as an infinity scarf, but I’ve never tried it. And honestly, I don’t think I ever will. I love that this is a cute but casual option that you could wear to showers or barbecues, or even just going out with friends. My favorite way to wear this style is for work. I think I own 4 different colors/patterns and I’m always looking for cute patterns! I wear an XS and prefer to tuck something in or use a belt because if I wear it at my waist, it’s a little loose. So if you’re petite, stick to an XS.



The only con I can think of is that the XS fits size 2-4 I believe so it’s not super snug on me. But it’s still one of my fav styles. If you come across a cute XS, let me know! I’ve been looking for a cute Spring floral!! Oh, and this post is not sponsored at all. If you need a LuLaRoe shop recommendation, message me but otherwise I’m sure if you ask on Facebook someone will hook you up!


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