LuLaRoe Review/Styling: The Cassie

December 10, 2016Reviews, Standard

Bonus posts lately are all about LuLaRoe, and this one is no exception. I heard of LuLaRoe a couple months ago from an old coworker and now am a member of a ridiculous number of Facebook groups that sell their products. In case you’ve never heard of LuLaRoe before, I gave more background info on my last post so check that out. After I looked around at photos, I was having a hard figuring out how items would look on me so I decided I would go outside of my comfort zone and post my own photos!


The Cassie might be one of my all-time favorite styles from LuLaRoe. I was really nervous to try this skirt out because I think the wrong pencil skirt can make me look like a little girl playing dress up. For reference, I am 5’2” and usually a size 00-0 so I’m super petite and am wearing an XS. This style is a straight skirt with no zipper- the fabric does have some stretch to it though but there is no elastic waistband like you see in some of their other styles. This skirt is pretty long on me if I wear it at my hips, so my preferred way of wearing this is at my waist line. As you can see, it’s still at a very appropriate length for work or any other occasion. I do wish there was a smaller size because I do feel like I have a little too much room in this for me (but that’s good news for you non-petite women out there!). I know pencil skirts can be intimidating, but I’ve seen this skirt on so many different body types and it looks fabulous on everyone! I also think the $35 price point of this skirt is reasonable compared to what you would pay at a department store. Another bonus, it makes your tush look GREAT 😉


Cassie is so freaking versatile and it can seriously be dressed up or down depending on what you pair with it. I know people say that all of the time just to get you to buy things, but in this case it’s actually true! The patterns and fabrics are suitable for work, so you can dress it up with a blouse, sweater, or blazer or you can dress it down with a T-shirt and some Toms or casual sneakers. They say you can also use this piece as an infinity scarf type thing. I haven’t tried that yet but I would imagine you would need to carefully maneuver the fabric to make sure the inside of the skirt wasn’t seen. For my look, I paired a casual black v-neck tee with a dressier black sandal and tied the tee on one side at the waist to give a more asymmetrical look. I love this for running errands in nicer weather or even going to a more casual function. At the same time, it is super easy to dress this up to wet at work. My favorite way to wear this skirt is at the office. I added a blazer to my outfit this day but I wear it without a blazer at work at all the time if it’s warmer and add a cardigan or pair a sweater in the colder months. I chose flats this day because it was easier to walk in the woods but it could just as easily be paired with black heels or even wedges!


Cassie is definitely my favorite skirt that I have tried from LuLaRoe so far and it’s probably due to the classic pencil skirt silhouette that it gives. Plus, it’s comfy and not scratchy like stiffer pencil skirts can be! This skirt is also a great length to move around the office without worrying about flashing someone. I am only 5’2” but I also wear this more towards my waist, so I don’t see anyone having an issue even if you’re tall. I’d highly recommend giving this skirt a try- and when you do I’d love to see how you style it!


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