LuLaRoe Review/Styling: Leggings!

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Another post about LuLaRoe. And this time, it’s all about the leggings. I heard of LuLaRoe a couple months ago from an old coworker and now am a member of a ridiculous number of Facebook groups that sell their products. In case you’ve never heard of LuLaRoe before, I gave more background info on my last post so check that out. After I looked around at photos, I was having a hard figuring out how items would look on me so I decided I would go outside of my comfort zone and post my own photos to try and help others!


LuLaRoe leggings are described as “buttery soft.” I literally made my husband touch my legs when I got my first pair! In these photos, I’m wearing Tween leggings. I think they work since I’m 5”2”, but they’re shorter than I would want them to be. I forgot my legs are proportionately longer than my torso. But if you have even proportions and are petite like me, Tween would totally work for you!  The OS leggings, recommended for 0-12 are a little better for me. For you ladies with more shape, the TC leggings works for sizes 12-24!


The leggings are so comfy and soft- perfect for lazy errand days or lounging around the house. With the weather getting colder, I might even try to wear these under my work slacks for an extra layer. I usually go for a casual look when I wear my leggings, so pairing this with a knotted T shirt and some flats was a no-brainer for me. If you wanted it a little more dressy, you can pair with boots and a sweater instead . SInce these leggings are a little short for my preference, I love the boots! I’d totally wear a black sweater with that outfit, but apparently I don’t own one? So weird.


Before I get too off track, I love these LuLaroe leggings! They’re very warm, super soft and sooo comfy. I do think the price is a little high, but for the fun patterns and comfort it’s not too bad compared to department store prices. I actually wore my first crazy pattern in public last night when I had to go to the emergency vet. My little Lily has Lyme disease 🙁 But she’s on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory now so hopefully she’ll be better soon!


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