LuLaRoe Fall Styling: The Maxi

October 31, 2017Reviews, , Standard

I can’t believe October is coming to a close and I’m already doing my last LuLaRoe post! This was my second Maxi as the first I won in a giveaway. This one I got on sale! The maxi is a full length skirt that has almost like a yoga waistband. It does have elastic but the band is the same color and pattern as the skirt, unlike the Lola and Lucy. If you’ve never heard of LuLaRoe you can read a little more about it in my original post here.


My first look is dressing up this skirt a tad! I took a V-neck sweater I’ve had for forever and tucked it into the skirt. I wore the skirt at my natural waist and did not fold over the yoga waistband at all. As you can see, even with me being only 5’2” and a 00/0, this skirt still doesn’t hit too low on my ankle. I paired this look with nude flats that I picked up at an Old Navy outlet and put on a brown braided belt to tie in the brown from the shoes. My jewelry I kept very simple in this case but you could easily add a chunkier necklace or earrings to dress this up even further if you wanted.


The more casual look I came up with was 100% out of my comfort zone. It’s definitely not one that I would put together for myself normally. But if you have a very bohemian style, you will probably adore the Maxi! I wore a grey off the shoulder top with my Maxi and this time I did fold over the yoga waistband to raise up the hem a tad. I put on some brown ankle boots that have more of a casual vibe to them as well. For jewelry, I just stuck with some stud earrings and no necklace. If you’re into hats, a brown floppy one might look cute with this as well. I’ve just never really been a hat person.


I think the Maxi is best styled more casually and with a bohemian flair. It’s not too long for my petite frame which I love! Another way to wear this is to pull up the waistband to your chest and wear it as a strapless dress. The cottony ones are the best for this styling tip. Mine both have a slinky feel so they fall down a little more easily. For me, the Maxi is not one of my fav skirts from LuLaRoe. But I can see why others like it so much. Now that we’re at the end of our series, what is your fav from LuLaRoe and how would you style it?


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