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October 21, 2017Reviews, , Standard

My next two posts for this Fall styling series will be about pieces that are not new to me. But I have not styled them for the Fall yet! And actually, I just realized that all of the pieces in this series are skirts. The Madison is an A line skirt that has pleats and pockets. There is also an elastic waistband but it’s always the same pattern/color as the skirt itself. Oh and if you’ve never heard of LuLaRoe you can read more in my original post here.


The thing I like the most about this piece is that it seems to be the most versatile. It’s so easy to dress it up or down. This skirt hits me at right about the knee and I usually wear this one at my natural waist. For reference, I am wearing an XS and am very petite- 5’2” and I wear a 00/0. To make this plaid skirt a little more dressy, I paired it with a ¾ length burgundy blouse that I picked up at Nordstrom. Adding accessories is key for me to completing a look and making it have a casual or dressy vibe. In this case, I put on a black bow belt and a classic style pearl necklace and studs. I also threw on a pair of tan flats, but heels would have been just as appropriate to keep this dressy.


I have to be honest, I normally wear my pieces to work. So I don’t have as much experience dressing them down. But I love this look so much, I’m pretty sure I will wear it often this holiday season! To make it a little more casual I put on an emerald green ¾ length cable knit sweater and black calf length boots. I also added this chunky necklace that has glittery asterisk type things on them that remind me of snowflakes. This is a little more of a Winter vibe but you could just as easily pair this skirt with some casual sneakers and a T shirt. In fact, I showed a very similar styling to that in my Spring styling post for the Madison.



I have been able to find a few more Madisons that have fit my style so I do own more than just this one. Like I said in my previous post, the trickiest part about LuLaRoe is finding a design that fits my style that’s in my size. I would love to own this in solid black but that baby is so freaking hard to find. So if you know where to get one, please let me know!


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