My Longwear Foundation Routine

My cousin got married this past weekend to her high school sweetheart. As I was getting ready, I was breaking out my longwear foundation routine to make sure my makeup would last all day. Then I realized that I’ve never shared my routine with you all! So whether it’s a wedding, family photo shoot, or something else- this routine will help your makeup last all day long.




When you want your makeup to last all day, I think prep is just as important as anything else. The base is key to make sure your products will lay nicely on the skin. A good, long lasting primer will make your skin the perfect canvas (so to speak). A big thing to keep in mind for this step is your skin type. If you have dry skin or have normal skin and want a matte foundation, use a good hydrating primer like Too Faced Hangover Rx. This step will give a boost of hydration and prevent any potential cakiness from foundation. I have combo skin, so I like to use something like the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer or NYX Angel Veil. They keep me slightly matte but even out my skin to make a smooth base.





For long wear makeup, the base is absolute king. Yes the primer is important, but the wrong foundation could really throw you off your game. First of all, if there will be flash photography, avoid SPF. Yes, sun protection is very important. So choose between that looking like a ghost! For my own wedding, I used Make Up Forever’s HD Foundation. But for my cousin’s I used Wet n Wild’s Photo Focus Foundation. Both are great options for photography! MUFE’s version has 40 shades compared to Wet n Wild’s. I actually prefer Wet n Wild because the finish is more satin natural where I get more dewy with MUFE’s. With the right primer and finishing products, you can get these foundations to work with all skin types. But if you have a different preferred one, use that and test it under different lighting conditions!




If you start to get cakey or end up looking like a grease ball, people probably won’t notice the awesome smokey eye or perfect lip color! Of course, make sure your mascara isn’t running and your lip isn’t smudging. But you get what I mean. You did so well with the first 2 steps so you may as well follow through and make sure everything is locked into place with finishing touches! I have 2 weapons: translucent powder and finishing spray. I only use my RCMA powder where I get oily- in my T zone. Everywhere else I leave alone. Then once I’m done with the rest of my makeup, I spray my face with a finishing spray. My go-to is Urban Decay’s All Nighter. But MAC Fix + or the UD Chill spray is a good choice if you’re dry and cakiness is your concern.


If you choose the right products for your skin tone, you absolutely can get your makeup to last all day! Not only will your foundation last all day, but these steps will help your other makeup go on smoother and last longer too. I rarely see a significant fading from my eyeshadow or other face products. And I don’t use a heavy duty primer or setting spray every day! I do wish I could find a setting spray from the drugstore that does the trick for me though. So if you have suggestions please let me know!

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