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Ok, I lied when I said the last post was hard because I easily have like 10 bold lip colors I love. I actually think I have a new fav but I’m going to try it 1-2 more times before I give you the low down. But for now, my fav bold lippies! I tried to vary the formula and the shades so you won’t see 3 corals or blue reds. Let’s get to it!


Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso


This lip color I had to include because it got me started on the bold lip train. I’m pretty sure this was the first liquid lip I ever tried and it’s still one of my fav shades. I first got it in an ipsy bag and I later got a whole set of minis for Christmas. If you want the full size, it’ll cost ya $24. This shade is described as a true red and I totally agree. It’s has that cool/blue undertone that will make your teeth look whiter. The perfect holiday/classic red lip. This formula is a tad drying on me but it’s lasted all day though eating and drinking so for me, it’s so worth it.


ColourPop Lippie Stix in LBB


ColourPop’s LBB is a bold lippie that I got with one of my very first orders! I would say this shade is kinda geared towards Fall but the berry vibe it gives makes it cute for Spring as well. It’s a matte formula so it’s not super moisturizing throughout the day. But, this formula does glide nicely on the lips. It lasts a little longer than a traditional lipstick would but you will have to reapply. This shade is a little more deep berry on my lips and is described as a rich plum wine. I love ColourPop’s matte Lippie Stix formula because they’re such a nice quality but it will only set you back $5! It was a little out of my comfort zone at the time but I was willing to try it for $5. So don’t be shy!


Revlon Matte Balm in Unapologetic


Now for another affordable lip– from the drugstore! This shade is like a hot pink, almost like a Barbie doll pink. I am obsessed with using this in the Spring and Summer because it is super bold- almost neon! This price even tops ColourPop- only $4.49. The formula is very similar to their Just Bitten Balm Stain but is completely matte. It’s not as moisturizing as the Just Bitten formula either. It has a minty taste/feel when you first put it on but it’s nothing that lingers. That being said, I freaking love this because the color lasts for so freaking long. It isn’t labelled as a stain but your lips still have a wash of color on them all day long. Obviously the neon effect isn’t as strong but there is still color! I just love that this is more moisturizing but still matte and has long-lasting color.


Top to Bottom: ColourPop LBB, Revlon Unapologetic, Stila Beso

Obviously, there are so many other bold shades I love and it was impossible to choose just 3. I would say these are my fav types of shades in 3 totally different formulas. Well, minus a coral. I am obsessed with coral this spring (so give me suggestions!) Seriously- leave me your fav bold shades below!


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