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April 22, 2017Product Lists, , Standard


I haven’t started getting into glosses until more recently. I never could find a formula I liked and it seemed like there weren’t any shades out there that complemented my skin tone. But I’m starting to explore more  and have discovered my fav glosses (for now)! Let’s get started:


ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip in Fairy Floss


If you want a comfy, sheer gloss I would totally recommend this one. I think it does feel slightly sticky when you first apply it but not so much that your hair gets caught every 30 seconds. I love this shade because it’s a great nude with a peachy undertone. It’s sheer but have a really nice glossy sheen to it. I don’t know if I would wear this on its own consistently, but it is freaking perfect to top off a nude lippie. Especially if the shade is off and washing you out. This is a sheer formula, but they do have other formulas in their Ultra Glossy Lip (Creme and Metallic) which I haven’t tried yet. But probably will considering it’s only $6!


NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Tres Leches


Holy pigment. They’re not kidding when they call this intense! The color saturation is no joke. This is the most opaque of all the glosses I’ve tried to far which I kinda like. Tres Leches is a really pretty muted pink. I really love the shade because it’ll go with so many different looks. I also love that I can layer this on top of a lipstick, or I can wear it on its own. This formula is pretty thick as well. I thought it would feel sticky based on the way it came out of the tube. But I was surprised because it glides onto the lips really nicely! This is great because you can grab it in your local drugstore for $6, and they have like 20 shades.


Buxom Full On Lip Cream in White Russian


I’m totally going to do a Worth the Hype post on this baby. I totally just got this because of the hype so don’t worry- more detail coming soon! This is basically a plumping lip gloss. It is a thicker, creamy formula so I have to dip back into the tube multiple times in order to apply. White Russian is a cult fav and the shade is actually very similar to Fairy Floss. But I think this one has more of a pink undertone. And it’s plumping so there is definitely a tingle/sting to the lips. So you will notice this and feel this on your lips! This is the priciest of all the glosses I’ve tried- $20 from Sephora. A review with pros/cons is coming next month!

I know these are all basically the same shade, or are very similar. But the formulas do vary so I get some credit right?! Now that I’ve had some luck with glosses, I’m excited to try other formulas and get out of my nude-pink comfort zone. Send me suggestions for your fav glosses!

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