Lip Liner Brawl: NYX Slim Lip Pencil

November 4, 2017Reviews, Standard

I love testing out different formulas of the same type of product. I’m obsessed with finding the perfect formula and figuring out the differences between brands. So this month I am breaking down a few different formulas of lip liners! I have 2 high end ones and 2 drugstore ones, but this week we’re kicking it off at the drugstore. The NYX slim lip pencils are raved about so I had some high hopes!

First of all, there are 32 different shades in this lip liner. So no matter what type of shade you’re looking for, NYX has a shade for you! No trendy blue or grey shades but there’s a great range between natural and deep tones. The other great thing about this liner is the price- it’s only $4! This is a wooden pencil so you need a sharpener after a while. Wooden pencil lip liners also tend to be drier on the lips. But NYX claims that this pencil has coconut oil in it to help hydrate and condition the lips. Overall the packaging on this one is pretty standard for a wooden lip liner. But it is the drugstore so I don’t expect luxury packaging. I do like how the shade is on the end of the pencil so you can easily identify it if you have multiple!


Now for what I really care about: the formula. People often compare the NYX slim lip pencil with the MAC lip liner. There are tons of dupes online or on Pinterest comparing the shades and formulas. I can’t speak to that though since I’ve never tried a MAC lip pencil. I have worn this pencil both on its own and underneath lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. And I definitely prefer this pencil underneath other products. I find it to be a bit drying on its own and it doesn’t wear super well. I find it difficult to get an even color since the pencil is so slim. But I love it underneath because the slim pencil makes it easy to get a precise outline of my lips! I think it really does help to make the product on top wear better and last longer on the lips.


If you’re looking for a liner that’s affordable and gets the job done, then look no further. I love the price of this and the color selection. I don’t think it’s the most comfortable lip liner on the market but it does make the lip product on top last longer. So this one is usually my go-to when I really want my lip product to last as long as possible. The shades on the end can be deceiving though so I would recommend looking up swatches online first!


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