Lip Liner Brawl: Milani Lip Liner

November 19, 2017Reviews, , Standard

Looking for more lip liner recommendations? Well you’re in luck! I tested out another lip liner formula and this time it’s a more affordable brand from the drugstore. Milani is a brand similar in price to Maybelline or L’Oreal. They have really great quality products at a more affordable price. I have a few shades but mainly I’ve been playing with the shade Spice.


Milani used to be impossible for me to find which is why I rarely mentioned it until recently. But I discovered a CVS near me that stocks at least some product. And now it’s available at Ulta so it’s even easier for me to get ahold of! Their lip liner retails for $5 and there are 7 shades on their website, but only 4 on Ulta’s. The shade range at Ulta isn’t the greatest- it mostly stays in the natural shade range. But Milani’s selection is a little better. These pencils are wooden, so they have very similar packaging to the other lip liners I’ve talked about in this series. I tend to prefer wooden lip liners because they tend to last longer. The downside is usually that they can be a little drying and not as creamy.


But these Milani lip liners are some of the creamiest wooden lip liners I’ve tried! Which is awesome because they’re also extremely affordable. I have the shades Spice and Nude and they’re both great neutral colors. Spice is more warmed toned which is great to pair with some of the fall shades I own that pull cool toned on my lips. Nude is a great everyday shade for me. These liners are great worn alone or underneath another lip product. They don’t last quite as long as the NYX liners since these are creamier but they are more comfortable throughout the day. I will say that I am whittling down these liners quicker than my others though. I basically have to sharpen after every use because it’s so creamy! But for days I want a more comfortable liner or if my lips are dry, this is a great option.


Overall, this is an especially great formula if you like creamier lip products. It still helps your color stay in place but the dryness isn’t as bad as NYX. Plus it’s on the affordable side and there’s a nice availability of neutral shades that are so essential for any collection. I also love these types of shades to tone down brighter lipsticks or to make an ombre effect with a super nude shade!


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