Lip Liner Brawl: Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner

November 11, 2017Reviews, Standard

This was another Ulta purchase I grabbed because it was on sale during the 21 Days of Beauty. I’ve never really heard anyone talk about these lip liners before. So I decided I would pick one up and try it out for my lip liner brawl! I am definitely on a mission to find the best lip liner formula out there.


This lip liner packaging is interesting and unlike many on the market. You have the normal pencil on the one side. But on the other you have a brush that you can use to perfect your lip liner. I’ve never been a huge lip brush person though. The liner itself is also much bigger in diameter than I’m used to. It definitely takes some practice because it’s harder to get a thin, precise line. The plus side is that this comes in a great range of shades- 20 to be exact. It’s a great range between nudes with multiple undertones and deeper shades that fall across the spectrum. This is a higher end lip liner so it costs more than the NYX one I mentioned in my last post. These lip liner retail for $17 so they definitely fall on the high end price range.


The formula of this is pretty great though. It’s super smooth and doesn’t feel drying on the lips at all. The pencil has great pigment and the color goes on completely opaque. I will say it’s not the easiest to apply though. The pencil is just so much thicker than other lip liners I’ve tried. I just find it difficult to outline the lips with. But it’s super easy to fill them in so that’s the tradeoff I guess. I have used this both underneath lipstick and on its own but don’t really have a preference one over the other. This pencil is super long though so it can be tricky to throw in your purse, but you do get more product. If you wear it on its own, you will need to reapply especially after eating.


Otherwise, I think this is a pretty good lip liner! Personally I would want one that is a little more long wearing. But this pencil has more pigment than the NYX one and is less drying on the lips. So if you already suffer from dry lips, this may be a good option for you. Next week I’m going to try out another formula though so if you want another option from the drugstore, just stay tuned!


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