Turning into a Bag Lady: June 2017


Hard to believe the month is coming to a close already, but I got my June ipsy bag just in time. I feel like it came a little late this month, but I went straight to work in trying out these new products! The theme this month was “Volume Up” which I guess is supposed to be like super bold and rebel-like? My products don’t really scream super bold and trendy, but that’s fine by me!


NYX Whipped Lip & Cheek Souffle in Cocoa Bean


Ok, small confession. I didn’t actually try this on my cheeks. I did try this on the lips though! But, I do find it interesting that they pinked the nude brown shade for me, because the other shades available look right up my alley. But I loved this shade on my lips! It’s definitely a whipped texture and the formula dries down matte. It’s not transfer proof but it is very moisturizing and comfortable on the lips. But, it’s not super long wearing, IMO. Ipsy recommends even using this for contour which scares me a little bit, but I’ll have to dive in and go for it the next time I go to use this! I do love that this could be used for a lip, cheek, and even an eye look. Super easy and versatile product for summer and to get that trendy monochromatic look!


BioRepublic Skincare Sheet Masks


I got 2 sheet masks in my ipsy bag this month! I don’t normally gravitate to them (read: spend my money on them) but I don’t mind using them. There is a detox mask and an aloe hydrating mask in my bag. I’m saving the aloe one for a day after I’ve been in the hot sun all day (maybe I’ll try to hang onto it for after Rehoboth!). The detox one was really nice and soothing on my skin. I must say that I didn’t notice any huge results after one use but I did like it. It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and the mask has nice slits in it so it sits on the face really nicely. Other masks have been hard to fit around the nose and mouth areas, but the slit design of this one makes it easy to lie nicely on the skin!


theBalm Cosmetics Balm Springs Blush


I freaking love theBalm. I really need to do a huge haul on their website or something because I don’t think there has been a single product that I’ve tried and not liked! First of all, the names for their products are so freaking cute and I love the retro feel of their packaging. This is a matte blush which is definitely my preference when it comes to face products. The shade is like a rosy nude with a hint of peach? It’s such a pretty natural shade that gives the most beautiful flush on the skin. It’s pigmented enough that you don’t need a ton of product, but you don’t have to be overly cautious with application either. I dip my brush in 2-3 times before applying to the face and it’s the perfect amount of product! I have nothing bad to say about this product.


Skone Cosmetics Tattooed Waterproof Eyeliner


Yet another liquid liner in my bag. But, I have been hunting for the perfect liquid liner that is pigmented and easy to use. So I don’t mind that they keep showing up! This one from Skone is a felt tip liner which I thought I hated. Brush tips have always been easier for me to glide across the lid. But this one is so crazy pigmented and the product is evenly dispersed throughout the tip. It hasn’t dried out on me and I’ve been grabbing this practically every day since I’ve gotten it! I haven’t actually tested the waterproof aspect of this. But, it hasn’t smudged or flaked or anything even when I wear it for 12 hours! At the same time I can just take some Micellar water on a cotton round to take it off. It somehow lasts all day but still comes off easy.


Luna Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Jace


Last item this month was an eyeshadow from Luna. I have one of their highlights and I love the formula but the lavender shade was a bit much for me. This shadow is also a great formula. It’s smooth and creamy. The pick up isn’t that bad but the pigment is awesome. I was surprised! This shade is great for the crease if you’re doing a more mauve or pinky eye look. I think I could make it work as a wash of color on the lid too. If I’m being honest, it’s not my fav shade for the eyes but this formula and pigment is pretty amazing! I also love that this kinda matches the tone of the blush and whipped lip. So I can use everything in my bag this month to achieve that trendy monochromatic look!


Overall, this was a pretty great month for me! The shades all complemented my skin tone well, even though the eye shadow shade is a little out for the norm for me. I can actually see myself using every single product that came in my bag! That is very rare for me lately so I am super pumped about my June ipsy bag!


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