July Favorites- 2017

Because my life was beyond crazy at the end of June, I never did a monthly favorites! I was so behind on posts and didn’t want to upload a June favs in the middle of July. So I’ve been thinking about the products I’ve been obsessed with over the past 2 months. They’re all perfect summer products too- how convenient!


L to R: Boxer, You Know the Drill

ColourPop Pressed Powder in Boxer and You Know the Drill


When I first hauled these, my post ended up being a haul/review but I truly love this pressed powder formula! The very first order I put in, I grabbed You Know the Drill. I would call this a true gold shade and it has a metallic finish. The other one I’ve been grabbing lately is a newer addition- Boxer. That one is a deeper bronze shade, also a metallic finish. Their metallic formula is smooth and very easy to blend in. It’s the perfect amount of shine for daytime and it can be bumped up with Fix+ or something if you want it to pack a punch. Both of these shades are just perfect for summer! I have been loving putting these shades on my entire lid, and then taking it down onto the lower lash line as well. It’s so glowy. The effect just screams summer to me!


RCMA No Color Powder


Because the weather has been crazy humid in July, I have needed to powder like crazy. I did a hyped up product post on this about a month ago. I then basically stopped talking about but did not stop using it! It has especially been a lifesaver for me with this recent heat wave. This powder is such a steal considering the amount you get and the cost. It will seriously last me forever which is one of the reasons I love it so much. It’s finely milled and I don’t choke every time I use it. Which did actually happen with another translucent powder I used. Not sure why. I never look cakey or overly dry when I use this powder. It sits on the skin so well and is amazing at locking my products into place. I literally could not do my makeup without this.


Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil in Shade 3


This is a product I don’t mention enough! I first talked about it when I bought the Sephora kits. These new Benefit brow products had just launched so I gave them their own post. First of all, these brow products have lasted me way longer than I expected! I am still using the same full size product that I got in this kit. And I bought this over 6 months ago! I have been loving a bold brow recently, and this product makes achieving that so easy. Plus the thicker tip makes it happen so quickly! The shade has the perfect amount of warmth without making my brows look red. Shade 3 is seriously perfect! I already know when I run out I will 100% go out and repurchase it. I don’t want to try a bold brow without this baby!


Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Mellow Wine


I did do a full review on this blush formula pretty recently, but I find that I’ve been telling myself to not use this. I’ve been grabbing it so much that I forget I own other blushes! First of all, this is such a great formula in general. Not just “for the drugstore” but seriously just in general. It’s smooth and creamy. Plus it blends out so well. It is pretty crazy pigmented so a little goes a long way. I always am on the verge of overdoing it with blush when i use this! I just love the way this shade specifically pairs with a bronzey makeup look. It has such a nice warmth to it so it just looks so healthy on the skin. But at the same time it’s still a pretty neutral shade so I can pair it no matter what glowy look I want!


Hard Candy Baked Bronzer in Tiki


I actually don’t think I’ve ever talked about this product before! Not gonna lie, it was one of those “YouTube Made Me Buy This” products. More specifically, I’m pretty sure this was all because of Jaclyn Hill. I’ve literally had mine for so long that they’ve changed the packaging. Hard Candy as a brand is sold specifically at WalMart, so that’s where I got mine. Oh, and even though this says Bronzer it is most definitely a highlight shade. It retails online for $9 which is definitely a drugstore price. It isn’t the smoothest, creamiest baked powder I’ve ever felt. But this baby packs a punch so I don’t complain. It’s affordable, and it gives the most amazing golden glow. But without being glittery or too cray cray. It’s one of the first drugstore highlights I owned. And I’ve recently been falling back in love with it for summer!


I must say that I am pretty impressed with myself. All of my July favs were also summer makeup themed! I’m just sooo trendy like that. Hey, I can pretend right? I’m actually headed out for vacation oh-so-soon but am working hard to pre-schedule posts for you while I’m gone. Let me know your fav beach vaca products below!


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