January Favorites 2018


I have been trying out so many products this month! I thought about including a few in this post but then decided to go with more tried and true products. But, I want to make sure I don’t change my mind and the products I talk about are truly favorites. But most of these products I’ve rediscovered so I had to talk about them!


L’Oreal Carbon Black Mascara

I actually forgot I had this mascara in my collection, and it’s almost dried out now. But it still works and I fell in love with it all over again. The pigment in this is just so richly black it’s insane. And this mascara gives such great volume to my lashes! The wand is a nice natural bristle brush and actually seems pretty standard as far as shapes go. I use the standard technique for all my mascara: focus the wand at the base of the lashes and then wiggle it upwards towards the ends. Doing that with this mascara gives amazing volume and decent separation. I wouldn’t say it’s very lengthening but I definitely prioritize volume over all else when it comes to mascara. I especially love using this mascara when I have a more intense eyeshadow look going on. And this month, I can’t stop using this!


Anastasia Brow Wiz in Caramel


I haven’t talked about this product in so long. Mostly because I really haven’t been using it! But this month I wanted to play around with different brow products a little more. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my brows to look a little more natural and feathery looking. The best way I’ve seen is to use a standard pencil like the Brow Wiz. I used to have Caramel and Soft Brown but recently ran out of Soft Brown. The pencil is nice and creamy even though this one is pretty old. My biggest gripe about this product is that it doesn’t seem to last all day on my brows. But I am definitely into using a more precise pencil this month to fill in my brows. I am committed to getting a feathery brow and using a product like this definitely helps!


Maybelline Better Skin Foundation


I honestly can’t believe it’s taken me so long to bring up this foundation in a favorites post! This is definitely one of my favorite drugstore formulas when it comes to foundation. It is almost a mousse type of consistency which definitely threw me off when I first tried it. One of the things I like the most about this foundation is that it looks great both when you use a sponge and a brush. It has medium but buildable coverage and a nice satin but natural finish. It also lasts an entire work day on my skin without blotting. I usually use about 2 pumps whenever I use this which is more than I would usually want. But since this foundation only costs $12 I don’t mind it as much. The finish of this foundation is not overly matte for how dry my skin has been this month!


Tarte Tartelette Palette


It has been a loooong time since I’ve talked about this palette! But it’s no secret that I love Tarte’s eyeshadows. I know I literally just made my resolution about cool toned eyeshadows recently but it’s never too early to start practicing! I’ve discovered that there really aren’t many cool toned or even neutral palettes out there. This is one of the few that I could find and luckily I already own it. So I’ve been using mainly the bottom row of this palette to play around with the cooler tones on my eyes. I sometimes will throw in a pop of purple or one of the more neutral browns from the top row. These shadows blend out so easily so I’m glad it was this formula that I started playing around with cool toned looks.


theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer


I just talked about this product in my ipsy bag post so I won’t go into too much detail. But I really have been using this product a ton this month, even before I knew I was getting it in my ipsy bag! My skin a little paler, obviously, since Pennsylvania’s in the middle of winter. So I find that more champagne or other lighter highlights tend to compliment my skin tone a little better this time of year. Whenever I have wanted to look a little more glowy this month, this is the highlight I’ve been going to. I have a palette of highlights from theBalm that I use but this month I’ve really just been using Mary! I’ve also seen recently that they’re coming out with a liquid version of this highlight. So I’ll probably need to try that. But for a more intense glow, this has been my go-to product this month!


Like I said before, I have a ton of new products that I’ve been trying out so far this year. I am so excited to review a ton of them and hopefully have some fresh new favorites in the upcoming months! But for January, I was really focused on making sure that my skin was hydrated and healthy enough to be able to test products fairly. My lips have also been super chapped but I’m hoping they’re in the final healing stages and I can test out tons of lippies soon!


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