Turning into a Bag Lady: Ipsy Over Easy (July 2017)

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This month’s theme is Over Easy, which I guess is supposed to mean minimal, no frills makeup. Which is actually perfect for summer, and for my upcoming vacation! Even though it feels like each month this year has been flying by, I feel like I have to wait forever in between ipsy bags! But enough chatting, let’s get to the deets on these products:


Beau Gachis Illuminator Brush


I’m actually always pretty excited to get brushes in my bags, as long as they don’t get squished in transit to me. This one made the trip a-ok so I was curious to try this brush for highlighting! It’s smaller and denser than the Sigma F35 I normally use. It’s great for getting precise application, but you have to be careful or you’ll end up with a stripe! I placed the product on the brush and then used the brush horizontally to sweep it on my cheekbones. I ended up turning it vertical to help blend a bit. It also worked well when I highlighted the bridge of my nose, but was too bulky for my cupid’s bow or inner corners. Overall, it was very soft and did the job better than I expected! I’m definitely going to keep using this and try other ways to use this brush.


Jersey Shore Cosmetics Lip Conditioner


Normally I would not be a huge fan of lip balms, but it is summer and my lips have been abused from liquid and matte lipsticks! I have my go-to Chapstick for the winter, but don’t have many at my vanity for lip prep while I’m getting ready. The smell of this lip balm is out of control- so fruity and delicious! If you don’t like orange, you probably wouldn’t like this though. This lip product is organic and cruelty free too! But the most important thing to me is the moisture. This balm was super emollient which is probably due to all of the oils. It melted onto my lips and they instantly felt more hydrated. Not only that but the hydration lasted for hours and gave a nice sheen to the lips. It was very different – like an oil-balm hybrid or something! Balm is such a perfect “over easy” summer product!


Ciate London Wonderwand Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner


There’s been more and more Ciate in my ipsy bags, which is totally fine by me because it’s a great way for me to venture more into their products! I didn’t realize it until just now, but this is supposed to be a kohl and gel hybrid liner. The brush thing threw me off, but could come in handy if you want to smudge your liner. I definitely own creamier and more pigmented eyeliner pencils. I think the hybrid thing is almost a negative because you don’t get the full creaminess of the kohl or the full pigment of a gel. It did travel down to my lower lash line when I used this on my waterline, but it did not transfer on my hooded eyelids. I can see how this fits with the “over easy: theme. But just a meh product for me- I’ll use it up but probably won’t purchase it myself.


Nomad Cosmetics Highlighter in Midnight Sunnomad over easy


I’ve gotten a few Nomad products before, so I was excited to see a new one in my bag! This highlight has a golden undertone and the packaging is so freaking cute. When I first opened this, I was nervous because it was so glitery! It definitely glows hard when it catches the light, but it sits on the skin really nicely. It wasn’t gritty and it didn’t leave specks of glitter on my face either. The shade suits my skin tone well and I could see this being a great body highlight for summer nights if you wanted to be extra. This formula would make you look like a glowing goddess at night. I am kinda digging the idea of doing a “no makeup” makeup look with this on the lids and as a highlight- may need to try that on vaca next week!


tarte over easyTarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer in Park Ave Princess


I freaking love Tarte so I was beyond stoked when I saw that this was coming in my bag. When I opened up the compact though, I got a little sad. I think there are 2 different formulations of this bronzer- a matte and a shimmer. The one in my bag this month is the shimmer version which I’m not usually a big fan of. It looks super shimmery in the pan so I was sure I would hate this. But I have to say that it’s a very smooth powder and not chunky at all on the skin. In fact, I can’t see any sparkle or shimmer at all once applied on the skin. The undertone is a little warm so I have been careful in my application, making sure to not overdo it.


So those are the 5 products I got in my July ipsy bag! Overall, it was a pretty good month. Lots of great brands and I’ll probably end up using most of the products I got this month. Great summer “over easy” products and perfect arrival since these are exactly the types of products I’ll want to use on my vacation.


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